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DIY: Bottle of Sweet Messages

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

If you are looking for something to give for your special someone, girlfriend, boyfriend, parents or even your best friends as a present, this could be it. Sometimes you just need to be extra sweet once in a while. You can put the words you cannot utter on the daily basis. All you need is the following: 

1. colored papers
 2. bottle/ jar
3. crêpe paper
4. soft wire or ribbons
5. paper bag (optional)
6. Box
7. Flowers/ beads

Step 1: Prepare your own sweet messages. It’s either handwritten or typewritten. You can put as many as you like. I prepared for 100 messages. I included personal messages (70%), cheesy pickup lines (10%) and bible verses (20%) and the total of 100 messages. It depends on you if you like to put lengthy messages or short ones.

Step 2: After printing my messages, I cut it to small rectangular shape and rolled it. I secure it using a soft wire with flower on it, wire (for scrapbook use) or ribbon with beads. I made it assorted, to look colorful.

Step 3: Rolling mode was over. So I cut the crepe paper into strips. I crunch it to look fluffy.  Now you can put the messages on the bottle/jar with the crepe paper. It helps avoid the appearance inside the bottle to be blunt.

Step 4: I place the bottle/ jar inside the box. I put ribbon on it.  Then, I watch a video on YouTube, how to make a paper flower. I just followed the steps. Then, TA-DA! Click here to watch the video.

Step 5: Now. On the paper bag, nice and secure, I also tied a card on the side of the flower.  The masterpiece is finally done. It is now ready to be received! =)  

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