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Travel: Potipot Island, Zambales

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Last summer, I together with my friends went to Potipot Island, Zambales. I was with my college friends; it was an all-girls adventure. I am with these girls for four years in college and until now. I missed being with them every day. Kulang na lang magpalit kami ng faces sa sobrang close. O db? We were planning to go to Coron, Palawan unfortunately, something came up. So we decided to choose another location. Everything was in a rush, who would think that we will be able to have a fun girl bonding adventure during those times. 

As usual, I am the group messenger master. Chos! Hahaha I mean, I am the one who kept on reminding them to be on time, etc. (Example: “Be there 8am sharp”) then, I am the one who was late. Haha I slept late then woke up like 30 minutes before our meeting time. Seriously, I run and walk as fast as I can and rode a cab. I have no choice; I had to splurge a little on toll fees so I decided to take the skyway. Poor little me because I was not able to take a bath. Hahahaha (this is between you and me, okey??) When I saw them, they scolded me. Chos! That’s fine! I know. My fault. Anyways, back to the adventure. We paid for a package to Potipot Island, Zambales. Inclusive of the van, rooms to stay, food, boat to Potipot Island and more for only P3000 per person. I forgot the agency my friend contacted. 

For 3-4 hours, we were talking non-stop, teasing each other, sleeping and eating to kill the boredom of the journey. We stayed at Daway Resort for a night. We swam at the salty water of Potipot Island. We buried my friend alive in the sands. Hahaha Then, we pig out! We kept on playing cards and ipad games until dawn. We actually want to go to the beach and party but the weather did not permit us. We called it a night and woke up to another day of girl bonding. 

Check out our photos! :)

Dawal Resort

this is me. :)

Potipot Island, Zambales

the clouds

The rooms/ houses near the beach in Dawal Resort.

Dona, Janina and me. Fail Jump shot. haha

with my awesome friends.. i told yah, we buried her alive. hahaha

The next day, back to reality. Back to manila. Super traffic it was and the clouds were forming to rain. Who cares? As long as I have these crazy girls to bond with I was happy indeed. Till next time, I hope we could visit Coron, Palawan for our next adventure please with our lovey doveys. Haha =)

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