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The Z Files: Zalora's Sneakers My Top Picks

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Let's Run Errands! Wear the comfy shoes!

  1. Sneakers Low Cut by Anta
  2. Synergy by Skechers
  3. F0987010230 Giles from POLO by Ralph Lauren
  4. Slight (Oxford) by Pony
Shoes like this are for the people who wants to be comfortable wherever they what to go. It is perfect for running for errands or your baby or your boyfriend?? hahaha These shoes are usually for chill nights with friends or morning jogs or walking every where. Me, myself and I are very fond of wearing sneakers for work or malling. So what are you waiting for, check these shoes on Zalora.com and Use my voucher code: AbbeyCalvoJ to avail 5% discount. =)

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