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Fifty Shades Trilogy: Fifty Shades of Grey

Sunday, November 18, 2012

People all over the social media are gushing about Mr. Grey. Girls want to meet her Mr. Grey. As my curiosity endures, I started reading this book called, “Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James”. So who is Christian Grey? That is the first question that popped in to my mind when I started reading the book. He is the wealthy, handsome guy who can sweep off your feet by just seeing him. He is like the dream guy of every girl but he has a dark past. You don’t want to be his submissive unless you’re Anastasia Steele. This book reveals the dark side of Christian Grey, while Anastasia Steele has this doubt and at the same time admiration to Christian Grey. When I was reading this book, I thought that why people are so hooked with it. It is about the lustful guy who doesn’t know how to love and to have a relationship. He treats his girls as a submissive with contracts. He is complicated and a lonely guy. However, when he met Anastasia it all changed, step by step. 

Actually, for me this book is full of steamy lines not for high school teenagers. It is Rated XXX. My gad! This is why I realized why people are saying that it is porn for woman. Yes, I confirmed it. Christian Grey likes to fuck not make love. I didn’t expect it at all. I thought it would be a love story but not like this. As I progress reading it in the end, the story is just starting. Hahaha Very heavy drama at the end of this book. Now, I can say with the end like that I should keep on reading it. Now I am currently, reading the 2nd book. Fifty Shades darker.

 If this will be a movie, this are my casts:

For Christian Grey:
Ian Somerhalder
Matt Bomer
I can sense the Christian Grey aura with this two completely handsome Hollywood actors. Hot, sexy and HOT!!! :)) They are both gorgeous human beings. Gad! If I will be Anastasia Steele it will be okey to be their submissive, except the red room of pain. I don't think I want that. Not my thing.

I imagine Ian Somerhalder as Christian Grey because of the tv series Vampire Diaries. He has the bad-vampire-gone-good-to-hot-to-yes-I-want-him guy just like Christian Grey in the book. You will hate him first because he is freakishly kinky guy with no heart and don't know how to love. Please let be him, if not.. Please let it be Matt Bomer, look at his photo above. Just like Christian Grey, executive looking with his gray suit and blackberry taking in charge with his business. If none of them is Christian Grey, I would be very disappointed.
 For Anastasia Steele:

Alexis Bledel or Lily Collins

 As Anastasia Steele, I picked Alexis Bledel or Lily Collins. Both posses the smart, innocent look. Plus the brunette hair really stepped it up. They are sexy in their own ways. Any of this two will be a good catch for Ana Steele.

I can't wait for the final casting for the movie. I will update you soon! Tee-hee! Laters,baby. :)

Disclaimer: photos are not mine. just randomly grabbed it from google. 

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