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Blogopolis 2012: ONLIne in the Philippines

Monday, November 05, 2012

Are you ready for Blogopolis?

A community for bloggers by bloggers, they strive to keep the local blogosphere growing.

Learn from the best in the industry, and meet other bloggers just like YOU. Join them this November 18, at Makati Shangri-La Hotel from 9 AM - 9 PM.

Program Schedule (Copy it from their site)

9:00:00 AM
The Philippine Blogosphere: Past Present and Future
  • Philippine Blogosphere: The Past
  • Philippine Blogosphere: The Present
  • Philippine Blogosphere: The Future
9:15:00 AM
Keynote: The Role of Social Media in E-Governance
  • Social media strategies and key issues
  • How social media empowers individuals and develops new leaders
  • Will social media create more civil virtue due to its public nature?
10:15:00 AM
Tea Break / Morning Coffee

10:45:00 AM
Keynote: From Offline to Online
  • Media landscape: then and now
  • The rise of digital revolution
  • The change of citizens' media consumption through time
  • How and why online media will always trump the traditional media
11:45:00 AM
Community Building: Engaging and Interacting with your Audience
  • Know where and how to reach your audience
  • How to come up with an interactive content for your audience
  • Interacting and engaging vs. broadcasting
  • Making your own community visible to others
12:30:00 NN
Lunch Break / Sponsors Segment

1:30:00 PM
Working with Brands: What Makes Brands Advertise on your Blog
  • Basic factors that brands consider before they advertise on your blog
  • Different forms of PR and advertising your blog could offer
  • The content quality and high traffic equilibrium
  • What is an effective social media influencer
2:15:00 PM
The Business of Blogging: Taking Your Blog to the Next Level
  • Three guidelines of successful blogging: write well, know your audience and re-think your strategy
  • What are the fundamental principles of online money making?
  • Best practices for becoming the best blogger you can be
3:45:00 PM
Tea Break / Afternoon Coffee

4:15:00 PM
Idea Sourcing and Content Creation
Breakout Session A - 1
  • The 5 key sources to find hundreds of blog post ideas
  • How to write headlines that work
  • How to use headlines to spark ideas

Blogging: More Fun in the Philippines
Breakout Session B - 1
  • Why the Philippine Blogosphere unique from other country?
  • The Filipino Blogger and Reader (Psychographics, Demographics, etc)
  • Fun facts about the Philippine Blogosphere
  • Blogging as a tool for social movement
4:45:00 PM
Blog Branding and Promotion
Breakout Session A - 2
  • What is your brand?
  • How can you further define your brand?
  • Why your brand is more than your header
  • Marketing your brand

Social Media & Other Platforms
Breakout Session B - 2
  • What are the different platforms to optimize your blog traffic
  • How to use different media such as art to communicate your thoughts
  • How to viralize your message in the blogosphere
5:15:00 AM
Blog Photography 101
Breakout Session A - 3
  • What makes a great photo?
  • Customizing your camera settings to get the best results
  • Understanding exposure + photography tips & tricks
  • This will be a hands on class, bring your camera along!

Challenges of Cybercrime Prevention Law
Breakout Session B - 3
  • What are the provisions of the cybercrime law
  • Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Effects of cybercrime law in the blogosphere
  • What can you do to take part in preventing cybercrime

To learn more about Blogopolis, visit the event's official website, Blogopolis.ph!

We hope to see you all there!

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