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Ideas on Being A Bridesmaid

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Every wedding has a or several bridesmaids; it depends on the bride if she has many close friends. What will you wear? Have you decided what to wear in those kinds of event? What will I wear if my best friend one day decided to get married? Waaah. I suddenly feel giddy. I want to wear a simple gown. Something elegant and fabulous but not overshadowing the bride, right?

There are a lot of wonderful gowns out there. One of them is meant for you and will fit perfectly.

I have decided what if I try one shoulder bridesmaid dresses for that certain event? I think that would be excellent. Not showing to much skin, it would be the best pick gown ever. So of course, google is always a big help to all of us. Moreover, I started typing my idea of the gown then hit the enter button. Woooh! I suddenly have a lot of choices. Check out the gown I have searched and selected.

Left: Bow One Shoulder A-line Short Bridesmaid Dress
Right: Flower One Shoulder Floor Length A-line Bridesmaid Dress

Left: Ruched One Shoulder Long A-line Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress
Right: Elegant Black One Shoulder Empire Long Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress

Left: Chiffon One Shoulder Ruching Pleats Knee Length Bridesmaid Dress 
  Right: Ruffle One Shoulder Knee Length A-line Bridesmaid Dress 

Left: Royal Blue Pleated One Shoulder Sheath Floor Length Bridesmaid Dress
  Right: Taffeta One Shoulder Applique Ruching A-line Bridesmaid Dress 
I hope this post help you decide what you should wear if you are going to be a bridesmaid. Always remember, always look dashing, elegant and classic when wearing a gown. More importantly, help the bride to have the best wedding ever. I think being a bridesmaid has a huge responsibility to have a successful wedding. Don't forget to lessen the stress of the bride. One more thing,  surprise the bride with a bachelorette party that she won't ever forget. Good luck!

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