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Korean Novela: Gentleman's Dignity

Friday, June 07, 2013

Lately, I have been addicted to Korean Novelas but only during our lunch break at the office I have time to watch it. At home, I watch Prime time bida, LOL! You know like Ina, Kapatid, Anak, Kamagnak! Hahahaha I am so jologs diba? Hahaha Weekends for me is usually the time to spend with my family, Hunny and friends. Anyways, going back to the topic. Gentleman’s Dignity is a story about men in their 40's and friendship tested by time. 

 Dennis Kim / Kim Do-jin was the playboy architect who fell in love with Seo Yi-soo / Irene Seo but Seo Yi-soo / Irene Seo has a secret love on Im Tae-san / Tristan Lim, one of the friends of Dennis Kim / Kim Do-jin. But when the story progress Dennis Kim and Irene Seo will fall in love and they have a lot of kilig moments. Trust me, I got almost the kilig moments on the photos below. Just them, I did not include the other characters. Heheheh 

Tristan Lim / Im Tae-san is the business partner of Dennis Kim and the love interest of Irene Seo for the first part of the story. But Tristan Lim pursues Hong Se-ra / Vera, the roommate of Irene Seo. Their problem was Vera doesn’t want to be married and have family of her own. She just wants to play golf but in the end she got pregnant and decided to get married after the baby is born.

Ron Choi / Choi Yoon is a widower. His wife died but he ended up with the younger sister of Tristan Lim Im Meari / Carrie. This young girl has an ultimate crush to Ron Choi she kept on visiting Ron Choi until Tristan Lim decided to send her to USA to study again but Ron Choi stopped her and they got married.

Jiro Lee / Lee Jung-rok is married to a rich business woman, who is older than him. His wife kept on threatening him of having a divorce because of the foolishness he have been doing with other girls. However, in the end he decided to give up being a playboy and be loyal to his wife. 

At the end, Dennis Kim proposed to Irene Seo and everyone live happily ever after. I forgot to include that Dennis Kim has an unknown child to his first love. You should watch this to know the whole story. 

This Korean Novela is funny to watch. I kept on laughing and kilig at the same time with the scenes. As they said, this one is like the sex in the city version for the men.

Look at the photos I grabbed from google, almost all of the kilig parts of Dennis Kim and Irene Seo:

hihihi  so what do you think? Kilig right?! Sweet momentsssss

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