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Winners of Persunmall International Jewelry Giveaway

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Persunmall International Jewelry Giveaway Winners:

Winner  Email                                                Source
pontosdeinteresse2011@gmail.com              Click Here
luisa.gah@gmail.com                                    Click Here
sbratz@live.it                                                 Click Here
ilafal79@gmail.com                                       Click Here
chiarapejrani@libero.it                                   Click Here
debby_f@hotmail.it                                        Click Here
palemona@libero.it                                        Click Here
angel.fate@hotmail.com                                 Click Here
Melodie10@gmx.fr                                         Click Here
lunavida23@gmail.com                                  Click Here
krle85@hotmail.com                                       Click Here
theresiasyanli@yahoo.com                             Click Here
euzhanchan@gmail.com                                 Click Here
antinelav@libero.it                                          Click Here
isabelmachado87@hotmail.com                     Click Here
amna_khand@ymail.com                               Click Here
siempremisspetula@gmail.com                      Click Here
sania.akbar@live.com                                     Click Here
gyova@libero.it                                               Click Here
janet.luison@yahoo.com                                 Click Here
tanyarysakova@gmail.com                             Click Here
jc10catarina@hotmail.com                              Click Here
franciscanribeiro@hotmail.com                      Click Here
evilynvondrack@gmail.com                           Click Here
elfa15@hotmail.es                                          Click Here
shandiev17@yahoo.com                                 Click Here 
Congratulations! If you are not the lucky one this time, never mind! More and more giveaway will be hosted by PERSUNMALL, see you next time! Thank you so much for being supportive all the time and we are highly appreciated.

The marketing team of PERSUNMALL have already contact with the winners via email and pls reply to them so that they can talk over the details of your reward.

You can also check the list here: http://www.persunmall.com/winner.html

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