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#OOTD: Sunshine On My Window

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Hello there! I am back with vengeance! After the short hiatus here on my blog, I am backkk. I am alive and kicking. You don’t know what I’ve been thru the couple of weeks ago. I was sick. Yes, even though I feel sick as always but this time it was serious. During the typhoon ‘Maring’, I was lying on my bed sleeping and wishing my fever was gone. Those were the toughest days. My stomach was aching. I felt light headed. Every time I ate, I vomit. I have no appetite to eat nor drink even water but I kept on trying and stuffing food on my mouth. Then, I had my period which makes everything worst. Okey, wait! Let’s rewind on 1st day I got sick. It was Friday morning, when I had a headache so I took advil. Then, during the afternoon, I was chilling. They only thing I want to do then was to go home. I am so thankful my beau offered me to pick me up near my office and he sent me home. The next day, I am so hot, literally. I got a high fever then, I felt all the symptoms that I said earlier. After 6 days of agony, I told my mom to have me check-up. The only thing that stopping us was the bad weather and of course! The freaking flood. I want to be confine at the hospital when I felt I can’t take it anymore. I kept on praying and praying until the next day. I was like much better than yesterday. My mom took me to the hospital. The doctor told me to have a urinalysis, blood extraction and dengue test. After 4 hours, I had the result and it’s all negative. Super weird. I know for a fact that I might have dengue because my gums were bleeding. It made me worried when I read it was one of the signs of dengue fever. However, I am thankful for having a good result. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayers. After a few days, I am soaring high again. 

Sometimes, things happen for a reason. I think God made me sick to help me appreciate life even more. It is effective. He help me realize He is there to guide us and never forsaken us. Now, I value my life,  health and everything that surrounds me more than ever.

Sunshine on my window... The storm is over. hihi But the truth is, it was the first song came up on my mind. hehe

Hat from Bohol (Did I blog about my Bohol adventure? Oh oh! Backlog. hihihi I will blog it soon!) | Sleeveless shirt from Tinsel Shop | Sandals (Bazaar for only 150 for 2, bili na!hehehe ) | Demin Shorts that's old. hehehe

Watch from Aldo | Zipper bracelet from Revamp Shop | Bracelets (blue and white) from Tinsel Shop

Excuse my #Selfie, I just need too. hihihi I took all the photos all by myself and of course with the help of the mighty tripod and my makulit na cousin which is only 3 years old pretending she knows how to operate a camera. She is acting to be my assistant. Cute! I will post her photo soon. From now on, I will try to be more madaldal on my blog. Amen!

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