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Should She Go For White Or Colored Wedding Dress

Friday, September 13, 2013

I have a friend who’s about to be married 3 months from now and as of the moment we are currently on the verge of making the final decision regarding which wedding dress to choose. Her mother suggested me to wear the traditional white gown because it looks good on her. On the other hand, I insisted that she must go for the fashionable choice by wearing a colored wedding dress… Which one should she choose to wear on her big day?

 She cleverly decided to entertain both of the lovely ideas in subtle manner and avoid rushing into things. After all, we only want her to be the best looking bride on her wedding day. So we searched extensively on the internet, and these are the wedding dresses I found on thegreenguide.com. These gowns instantly caught our eyes and my friend immediately fell in love with them:

According to her, she loves this dress because of the minimalist approach in the design which fits right for her personality. And for the gowns with color, here’s the one that I have chosen for her:

She said that if she’s going to wear a colored gown then she will definitely go for this. This red toned dress depicts a romantic feel which is suitable for the theme of the occasion.

Which is a more stunning dress? Is it the exquisite white or the romantic red? I hope you will be able to help my friend make the final decision.

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