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Review: The New IOS 7

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The IOS 7 is the latest operating system by Apple for iphone, ipad, and ipod. Of couse! I joined the bandwagon and I hurriedly updated my software on my ipad mini.

After 3 hours of waiting, well, am I impressed with it? I guess, my first reaction is, “this is it??” The icons just got flat and it became more like an android. As an android user for quite a while I can pin point every detail that is very android-ish. When everyone’s feeling wonderful or excited, for me I am a little bit disappointed. For the reason, I am not against or what-so-ever with Apple however, maybe I expected too much change or innovation from them. 

Let me give you a tour on IOS7. Ready? Go! 

The screenlock. - I changed it with the new wallpaper. It moves.

The passcode - with the different keypad. 

Look at my home. So hipters, I love galaxy that's why I have chosen this wallpaper. I think this is the first wallpaper you will encounter.hahaha I have no time to browse. I am instantly fell in love with it.

The icons has a brand new design. It became more colorful and flat. No more 3D icons for IOS 7.

The new notification - you can check the weather update, your schedules, activities from your app and a lot more. It is located on the same place. From the top then swipe down.

The new folder - it is unlimited apps in a folder, but I want it when I can see all the apps in one viewing though. The 10th app will be placed on the next page of the folder, just swipe it to the left.

The taskbar - you can view all the open apps by swiping to the left then, swipe to the top to kill the task or the app.

The new Siri - it has a larger view of the results of your conversation. It has an improved commands too. I tried it, when I was bored, I also tried to have a nice conversation with Siri. It was fun, nosebleed lang ng slight and medyo bingi si Siri paulit ulit ako para magets nya. hohohoho

The photos - you can view it by year, month, album or by location. (I saw this first on android) It's organized. You know me, everything with organizing things is a plus points.

Even Safari has a  new layout but I rather use Google Chrome, it's much faster. hihi

Camera - New HDR setting plus the square set-up. Well, I like the square thingy for IG. I am a sucker for taking photos and posting it on IG. No more cropping photos for me.

Updating application - Very android. I have nothing to say.

I found an error, look at the calendar when it's on vertical mode. 
The year of the calendar was not shown properly. It is incomplete. 

How about you? Any thought/s or suggestion on the New IOS 7? Share your comments below.

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