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Photo diary: Pasinaya 2014

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Every year I always blogged about Pasinaya. I think except last year. I don't know why. Maybe I was on a hectic schedule on work or they did not participate. I forgot the reason.hehehe If you want to see my recent posts, you can click (2011) HERE and (2012) HERE!

Our memorabilia from Pasinaya! with Instax Photos! :)
People who are watching the choir sing 

Sbarro and Tender Juicy (I think I was hungry that's why I took photos of this)

Hungry Rover Gastrobus (They were featured on Kris TV)

Jasper's House of Chicken too bad I did have the chance to eat here. I am hoping one day I could have a foodie adventure with food trucks. I remember this guy has a wonderful story. He stopped working and started some small businesses after his son had a fatal accident or sickness (either of the two). haha I just recalled it when I saw it on the venue. I watched that episode on KrisTV. haha What a brave father he is for sacrificing his high salary work for his time with his son. Bravo!

Inside the CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines)

Remember the post about The Great British Festival? They did the same dances. hehehe

Look at these graceful ballerinas

My sister

I am so proud with this shot! hahaha It feels like they are flying!

Curtain call. 

The dances usually ranges to 30 minutes. People are also allowed to take photos. Usually if you watch it on regular days, cameras nor camera phones are not allowed to be used during the show. You don't want any usherette to come near you tell you to stop doing it. It would be embarrassing. During Pasinaya, photographers are everywhere to take photos of the colorful event because it is open house. They are maximizing the once in a year opportunity that CCP has given to them to take photos, except if you got hired by CCP to cover the event. I hope you enjoyed my post. Till next time!

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