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Eat's A Date: Tempura Japanese Grill @ Alabang, Muntinlupa City

Monday, September 08, 2014

Lately, I have been hanging out on the restaurants in the Metro. Yes! That's why I gained a lot of weight and I am so discourage to post an OOTD. Hahaha For now, I think I will post more of food and movie reviews. Hmm.. Well, it depends on my mood. Haha Today, I am craving for Japanese food, everytime my mom wants to go Japanese, this is one of our to go restaurant. The... Drumroll please... Tempura Japanese Grill. 

Uncle Sam's Maki is one of their original maki. It really tastes good. It has a unique flavor.

Nutty banana shake - anything that has a banana on a shake will defininitly be safe on our taste buds.

Miso soup - this is one of the soups that will always be on a japanese restaurants. It is healthy. I read somewhere that it can help cure cancer because of the nutrients that a miso can give to our body.

Four season shake - it is consist of mango and other fruits hahaha try it!

Sukiyakidon - It is a dish that was combined with sukiyaki and donburi. Sukiyaki is a hot pot meal consist of tofu, fresh vegetable, noodles and meat. Meanwhile, donburi is a selection of toppings that is laid over on a bowl of rice which the common toppings are beef or chicken plus egg. Yummyyy! Then, if you combine both of them, sukiyakidon. It was good indeed. I am a happy girl. hohoho

Gyudon - This is my usual order to a japanese restaurant. Sometimes I feel incomplete without ordering this dish. It is a rice toppings with beef and raw eggs. 

I am with my little sister. Looking up for an angle that could make our face thin.Hahaha 

Too much food, can make us fat. That's one thing we should always remember. haha Eat moderately. Anyways, eating at Tempura Japanese Grill is something we crave for. The price ranges from mostly 180php and above. It is a little expensive but they have a large serving that can make you and your friends' tummy full. Busog, in short!! hahaha

The verdict: 4 stars out of 5 stars

For more details:

Address: Alabang Zapote Road Alabang Commercial Complex, Muntinlupa
Phone no.: (02) 850 1273

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