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Review: Dermaline - Warts Removal

Monday, September 01, 2014

Before and after photo 

After the long wait, I finally had time for doing this. Yep! I decided to remove my ugly warts on my face. It was one of the nerve-racking things that I have ever done on my face. No pain, no gain! That's the motto when it came to beauty. Haha 

After the treathment.

I purchased the unlimited warts removal for 1,000++. I think they have a promo that time. Every stings and sound of the laser was worth it. It may sting for the bigger and fully develop one but for the little ones, you won't feel a thing. After the treatment, they put some ointment. Then, they required me to buy a post cream treatment so the scabs will be removed faster. It should be applied twice a day. It took a week or two, before all my scabs was removed. Then, the photo below happened. No more warts! My face is now a warts free zone! It is nice to apply makeup on my face. I feel flawless and glowing.

Will I do it again? Of course! For the sake of beauty, I will. Hahaha 

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