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Review: Blue Coral Beach Resort - Laiya, Batangas

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Last summer, around the month of March, I was invited to join an outing with my beau's family. They decided to go somewhere with white sand and fresh air. I joined them and had fun with our stay at Blue Coral Beach Resort for a night. We swam, eat, sleep and enjoyed our company of each other.

At the lobby.

At the reception place.

The view near the beach

The view from the lobby.

The bar it serves the best weng-weng I ever tasted. Mapapaweng-weng ka sa sarap! Hahahah lol or pwede ding 'Weng weng nga!' While looking to a wasted person. Hahaha Anyways, to those people who doesn't know what weng-weng is, it is a cocktail drink that consist of four season juice, orange juice, tequila, gin, vodka and others. See? That's the reason of calling it Weng-weng. If you don't have a strong tolerance for alcohol, you know the results. Drunken love! Hihi

The dinning area. The place where they serve the buffet. 

Sample of their food. What can I say about the required buffet meals? Hmmm.. It is not so good. Don't expect too much or else you will be disappointed for sure. Some of the dishes look really appetizing and taste good but some are not. If you will be spending your weekends here, be the judge. Then, share me your two cents. 

Beach front. This is where we stayed.

It has two queen size bed plus an extra mattress for extra guests. I think the mattress was free of charge.

The bathroom. It has a weird shape.

Look at the view! So nice, it feels like you were somewhere far from the urban city.

Our view from our nipa hut. 

Blue Coral Beach Resort has a lot of amenities such as swimming pool (adult and kiddie), warm water pool, videoke, table tennis, billiards, darts, badminton, tree house, souvenir shop, poolside bar, restaurant, mini zoo, fish pond. Guest can also try banana boat, fishing, speedboat, snorkeling, kayaking and island hopping. It was really fun experience here at Blue Coral beach resort. You can easily visit it within 2-4 hours of long drive with your love ones from Manila to Laiya, Batangas. I advice everyone to arrive at the place before the dawn so it would not be hard to find the place. It is a little bit remote and if you will visit the place by commuting, they told me it is hard to reach the place if it is evening. It will be dark and the chances to ride the public transportation will be low. It will be safe to arrive when the sun is still up.

Rates of the room/house (prices depend, if it is peak or off-peak season) :
  • Main House - P21,200 
  • Penthouse - P14,600
  • Family Deluxe - P10,600
  • Suite - P10,600
  • Beachside - P5800
  • Poolside - P5,800 
  • Deluxe - P5,800
They have accommodating and approachable staff. The only thing I didn't enjoy was the food. If I would rate it, I will give them a satisfactory grade. But for overall, I will give them 4 out of 5 stars. The place was wonderful. You can enjoy the long shore line of the beach. Relax with privacy. Swim at the pool or at the beach. It was a nice experience. I will post more of the photos on my next blog post (CLICK HERE TO SEE).

For more details:
Website: http://www.bluecoralbeachresort.com.ph
 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Blue-Coral-Beach-Resort

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