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Look 36: Cold War

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

It's been so long since I posted my last #OOTD. Let me make it up for my blog. Due to public demand, lel. Kidding. Wala talaga nagdemand, I insisted it to myself to post this. Hahaha Excuse my chubbiness again, the 10lbs. I lost before which I gained it again due to too much eating and a little stress and also change of environment. Yes! it is back! Fats are back! =)) Anyway, enough of my excuses. Because it is already hot in our country, I suddenly missed the cold weather in UK. 

Good thing I search the internet on what to wear and the temperature of the place during winter. I really prepared for it because I am easily get cold at times and scared that I might got high fever, if I can't handle the cold weather. Haha My auntie's advice was to buy a thermal clothes and layering of clothes is the key. Because we will be spending our time mostly outside the streets of London, I have 4 layers of clothes. Haha  I don't regret it.

Black coat from Zara | Bag from Aldo

Turtle neck and kitty sweater from Terranova | Checkered leggings from Forever21 | Ankle boots from River Island | Leather gloves from Uniqlo

Where's my missing earring pose. Hahaha My first layer will be the thermal longsleeve and thermal leggings. Then, gray turtle neck and sweater. Lastly, leggings and coat plus leather gloves. 

Vandalism on the walls of Abbey House hahaha making the mark like a boss! Lol

Posing beside my house. Haha 

Guest what? For the whole 2 weeks, I am just wearing the same coat. Who cares?! Hehehe I don't want to splurge on it because the odds on wearing here on a tropical country will be none. Haha Sulit yun bili ko! It feels like I just roam around UK with one outfit because of my coat. I can't remove my coat and pose. The coldness was too much. Hindi kaya magtiis ganda. I'll die. HAHA

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my #OOTD! Till next time! 

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