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Look 37: Run Baby Run

Sunday, May 24, 2015

The moment I started to wear a rubber shoes. Well, this was the moment. haha It is not really my thing. I mostly wear rubber shoes during PE classes. I like ballet flats more than a rubber shoes. But this time, it is an exception. I am starting to wear it more often. Lovin' it!

Breezy and easy

Running errands or if you are on the go, this outfit is for you. Comfy and relax kind of day.

Sunglasses from Forever 21 | Blue loose shirt from bazaar | Legging from coleslaw | Sling bag from Forever 21 |  rubber shoes from Nike.

I bought this when Nike roshe was not yet available on stores. I am channeling Liz Uy outfit. Hahaha When I saw her outfit on IG, I rushed to the mall and find something that might get the look. I think I achieve it. I just replaced the Roshe to Kaishi. hihi A little less cheaper, I guess. 

Sorry for the band aid. Too much heels during the weekdays. #SorryNotSorry

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What do you usually wear during errands?

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