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Visita Iglesia: Kamay ni Hesus and Other Churches in Quezon

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Before the Holy Week here in our country, my mom decided to participate on a Pilgrimage conducted by our Parish Church, Our Lady of Peace. It was our first time to be a part of pilgrimage. Before the day, we have an orientation about our pilgrimage. Our parish priest explained the meaning and the expectations of our trip. He point out the 3 things to remember on our trip: 
  • First - Pagninilay or Contemplate
  • Second - Pagsasakripisyo or Sacrifice 
  • Lastly - Pagpapasalamat or Being thankful to God.

It was not only a journey but it is a spiritual journey towards God. The trip was for us to feel the presence of our God in a different level. It focuses with the story of how Jesus saved us from our sin because of the 14 stations of the cross. We met a lot of different people in our community who also joined the pilgrimage. It was a fun and exciting spiritual event.

Our first stop, Kamay ni Hesus at Quezon. The itinerary set by the organizers where not followed because the 2 buses arrived late that causes almost everything to fail. However, God is with us on our trip even unfortunate events happened, He always made sure we were safe.

Overview of the landscape in Kamay ni Hesus

At the dinning hall. Excuse my overly large shirt, that was the only size left. Our parish priest said, it will be one of our sacrifices. Haha "Wag na magreklamo, remember sacrifice.", he said.  By the way, every bus was color coordinated. Bus 5 was orange! That's us! Haha

St. Francis and Mama Mary

The 14 station of the cross. We haven't had a chance to the top because of the lack of time.

Kamay ni Jesus(Lucban, Quezon)

Inside. I have a close encounter with the Holy Spirit on that moment when we were watching the people lining up for the healing session. It was intense. So here's the story goes..

I was with my beau when I entered the church. Most of the time, when it's my first time to visit the church. I pray and make a wish. So that photo above, that was my sight before praying. We don't have the chance to line up for the healing session, I decided to just watch the people to faint every time the priest blessed them. We were at the back watching, I was watching keenly. Then, when the time the next batch fainted. I felt a sudden rush of hot energy towards me. I felt it from my legs up to my head. The feeling was unexplainable. I was tearing up uncontrollably. I felt the Holy Spirit blessed me. It was one for the books. 

After Kamay ni Hesus, we visited the different churches in Quezon and started the station of the cross. 

St. Michael the Archangel Minor Basilica

The architecture was so nice. Every corner has a unique detail.

St.Francis de Assisi Parish Church (Sariaya,Quezon)


The old church was preserved until now it is on a good condition.

Last supper

San Pedro Bautista Church (Candelaria,Quezon)

Inside San Pedro Bautista Church

San Pablo City Cathedral (Laguna) - It is under renovation.

Inside San Pablo City Cathedral. This was the  last church we have visited. The mass was held here for the end of the pilgrimage.

I hope to join the Pilgrimage next year. It is a life changing experience. How about you? Have you tried joining activities on your church community? Share it below. :)

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