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Summer Destinations in the Philippines with Cool Climate

Friday, May 29, 2015

Summer is already here and some guys are still quibbling over what hill station to choose and where to spend some time of the summer to cool their heads off. Well, as some people are heading towards the Atlantic or some other European country, there are others who are interested in discovering the local beauty and landscapes. In case you haven’t decided yet, here are some destinations that can make your summer vacation totally worth it. These resorts and destinations owing to their accessibility and beauty are quite famous among the Filipinos.

Baguio City

While under imperial hegemony the Baguio city was originally built by the Americans in 1900 as a small hill station at a village known as Kafagway. After a century, the city, owing to its excessive beauty and landscapes have come to be as major administrative hub of the country. 250 kilometers away from the metropolitan Manila, Baguio is frequented by locals and foreigners alike. This excessive tourism has given rise to virtual marketplace as well since people on reaching the hill station realize that they have forgotten or need something. At this point, the online domains like Amazon come very handy. Some people even rely on the growing local online markets such as Kaymu to buy their stuff from. 

 Sagada Town

Well, if Baguio is not enough, you can keep travelling further up north to get a taste of cold. 5300 feet above sea level, this town is a wonderful place with a lot of resorts around. Number of waterfalls, caves and historical sites sprinkle the area with beauty. Pack your bags and go do some trekking over this area.

Don Salvador Benedicto 

Down the south of Manila, at least 600 kilometers away lies a shimmering small town of Don Salvador Benedicto, normally known as ‘the summer capital of the Negros Occidental’. A cold town with quite a large number of historical sites, it is normally known the little Baguio city barring the tourists.

Bordered by the provincial capital Bacolod, which is yet another place to visit, Don Salvador is a must place to go this summer. The Ruins, a place shown above in picture is one of the most frequented tourist resort in the city.


Those who love hiking should add Banaue to their to-go list. The villages that are surrounded by mountains give a perfect view and temperature to do some hiking during summers. The city is located a little down towards south to Sagada. The place is also famous for its waterfalls and not much visited. If you’re a man of solitude then this is quite a place to be.

After finalizing the place you want to visit, it is important to ensure that you have all the required gear with you. Having trekking shoes, backpacks and trekking suits are more than important. Plus, the camera to take pictures with is unforgettable. All of these thing together will make your trip unforgettable.

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