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The Love Affair (2015)

Thursday, August 27, 2015

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The Love Affair (2015) is a movie about a family and a marriage. I thought it was a typical mistress movie, where couple gets tired with each other, becomes unfaithful and playful; somehow it has the same plot but they have deeper reasons for their actions. Well, all of the lead characters Vince (Richard Gomez), Tricia (Dawn Zulueta), and Adie (Bea Alonzo) played the role really well. The story started with the Vince and Tricia was on the verge of annulment because Tricia was accused of cheating his husband. On the other hand, Adie broke up with her fiancé because she saw a video scandal of her fiancé and his other girl heating things up on the car. She had an accident and Vince was there on the area to help. It was their first encounter with each other.

It feels like destiny is playing with them. Most of the events, they bump with each other until one day when Adie will be having her job interview in Taal lake, her future boss told her to help him sail. Then, Adie got really upset on the misfortune she encountered. Afterwards, she bumped again with Doc Vince. What a coincidence! This is the exciting part people should watch. The start of everything being sailing partners. haha

The affair, the lines, and the confrontational conversations were so good and tear-jerker for sure. Even my beau got emotional, hahaha Yes, he cried even he kept on telling me he got sleepy and kept on yawning. Yah, right!? Every time I caught him wiping his tears secretly, I was ROTFL and crying at the same time. I am close to being crazy that time. Hahaha deny pa sya sobrang obvious kasi, db? Cute.

I can really recommend this movie to all couples out there, so they would know the value of marriage. I will also recommend this to all single ladies and to all people na lang so they would know and be aware that wag kumabit even how broken you are, wag umasa sa lalaking my pamilya. Alright?!

Moral of the story: Always have time for your family. Whatever temptation you will encounter, please say NO. Think of your family and the people who might get hurt.

The Verdict: 4.5 stars out of 5 stars

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