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Ice Museum and Trick Art Museum - Jeju, South Korea

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

One of the attractions, we visited were the Ice Museum and the Trick Eye Museum, the place was called Sumokwon Theme Park. It was freezing but fun and exciting. We were given a few minutes to see the Ice Museum. It was so cold, body heat please. Upon entering, they will lend you a blanket. It was not enough. Haha Inside the Ice museum has a lot of ice carvings. It was a little same as the attraction in Star City in Pasay City, Philippines.

The tour begins ;)

There was a huge carving of ice, where you can slide. My sister tried it. Her butt freezed. lol

Santa's slay or it could be Cinderella's carriage


Car entirely made from ice 

The 3D Trick Art Museum was located at the same building of Ice Museum. Have you tried visiting these kind of place? Do you have an idea? Well, I will give a short introduction or an idea how it works. All the images was painted in the walls or floors of the room, then the best angle of it will have a spot with a camera on it. Then, it is up to you on how you will dramatized the scenario. hahaha

Everyone was busy taking photos, posing, and smiling.

Abbey road (my road)lels and with the Beatles

I am making a speech on a Korean audience. Binisaya ko sila, yun lang hindi ako marunong magbisaya. haha

My mom posing as the leader of a K pop group. May asim pa daw sya hahaha

As usual, my sister and her ballet pose.

Ride ride pa more. 

That's all! Thank you! I would I like to post more photos. However, I don't want anyone to feel sick looking thru my selfies. haha. That's enough for today's post. I enjoyed it. I want to visit the 3D Trick Eye in Cubao. One of the Filipinas with us on the tour, told us that it was much nicer and bigger in Cubao but I have not visited it yet. 

They also have a cafe inside.

Inside the cafe but we don't have a chance to try the food.

Lastly, the souvenir shop. They are selling random stuffs. 

For more information:

Address: 1320 Yeon-dong, Jeju City, South Korea
Phone: 064-742-3700‎
Website: http://jejuicemuseum.com/

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