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A Girl’s Guide to Bra-Lems

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Every day we wear our underwear. However, most of the time we encounter problems with our bra that can make us feel uncomfortable the whole day. Let me share some of my problems I have experienced with bras. But first check out this guide created by ThirdLove. Also, check out their bra collection!

Now let’s get it on... Are you ready? Here are the tips and solutions:

Based on experience:
Have you experienced being buying a bra and not fitting it? Well, I have once or twice and buying two of that same design because it was sale. Then, when I got home and fitted it. Damn! I felt like Lady Gaga or Madonna while wearing it. Do you want to know why? Because it looks lik this.. hahaha

Before buying it, make sure it is good for your boobies. Fit it to prevent oneself from wasting money.

Based on experience:
If you are wearing a white shirt or dress, make sure to wear the right color of your bra which is NUDE. Avoid printed and colored bra. People will be destructed with your boobies and bra, you don’t want them looking at it the entire time.

Based on experience:
Next, if you are wearing a black shirt or dress, make sure to wear the right color of your bra which is BLACK. Avoid nude, white or light color bras especially, if you are going partying and taking photos with flash. It happened to me too, every photo I am in, my bras are the center of attention. Big NO NO!

It is okay, if you are Brooke Shields.

That's all! Do you want to add more of your own bra-lems? Comment below and share your experiences. :)

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