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Summary of My 2015

Monday, January 11, 2016

This might be a little late. (Yes! As Usual) But hey! I am back. Back again to blogging. I have a lot of stories to tell everyone. Chika ko sa inyo, what happened to my year 2015. To be honest, it was fun and most of the time happy because I choose to be happy as much as possible. Drama is not my forte. :)) So let us go back to the memory lane. **blurred background and dream sounds on queue**


I saw Pope Francis in flesh. It was a great spiritually experience. Once in a lifetime, achievement! Because not everyday you can see the Pope roaming around Manila. I am thankful my friends invited me to go with them. That few seconds, really changed my life. It made me hold on to God and to my faith even more. I felt the presence of God. Thank you, Pope Francis for letting us experience God's grace and unconditional love.


Pasinaya and my London trip. Oh Gosh! Never in my entire life, I imagined myself that I would be visiting United Kingdom that soon. Thanks to our company for training and sponsoring us. London will always have a special place in my heart. 


My mom's birthday and Warner Bros. Studio is loved. HARRY POTTER period. 


Our 4th year Anniversary with my hunny bunch


My birthday and my Jeju Trip with my ze familia. This trip was one of the unexpected trip. For the reason that our original plan was to go to Vietnam. Then, we saw a promo that is perfect for my birthday. It is my first time to celebrate my birthday outside our country. I have my lil sister and my momma plus the other tourist with me on my special day. It was fun! By the way, I think I am not finished posting my Jeju Trip. lelz Forgive me, readers for I have sinned. 


Out of town outing ze friends at Laiya, Batangas. Woot! 


Working hard? too busy to hangout. lol Attended my cousin's birthday at Mcdo, does it count? hahaha


We visited Dreamplay at City of Dreams, Manila with my cousins.


Me and my mom joined the bazaar at our parish community


Recital of my sister at SM BF, then she lost her phone again.


Created a new food blog. I tried the Keratine Blowdry Treatment at David's Salon, I was supposed to post a lot of reviews. However, I lost the photo because the next month I lost my phone huhuhu

I lost my iphone6 on my way to work during my jeepney ride. Those effin assh*les!!! I am a victim of picked pocket. huhuhhu So Here's the story

Around 7:30am at Pasong Tamo, I rode a jeepney. Then, eto tagalog na lang para with feeling hahaha Eto na nga sumakay ako, tapos nun sa kabilang kanto, may babaeng bumaba so napatingin lang ako saglit. Yung magaling ko katabi, bigla na lang napatong un bag nya sa akin like half of my bag was covered by his bag. Then, I got alarmed. Those cctv videos, fb post and news. Flashed back everything to me. I saw my bag opened. SHETTTT! SO ALAM NA! This is it. Kinuha ko un bag ni kuya, sabi ko sa kanya. Nasaan ang cellphone ko. Nagwala talaga ako, that's my initial reaction because I am effin angry for real. I think that guy was shocked he never thought, I go ballistic on him. Kinapkapan ko si koya, wala un phone ko, then.. This epal guy who is in front of me, suddenly telling me, "Miss, meron nahulog dun na cellphone, lika samahan kita." Hindi ko alam kung aalis ako or hilahin ko sya palabas ng jeep. Ang super kinainis ko un driver ng bwisit ng jeep na un. Sabi nya, "O, ano ba yang nahulog na yan, kunin na at para makaalis na." Ang naisip ko pa naman, silipin lang aba! yun driver ng jeep pag baba ko umalis agad. Ayun. Goodbye, cellphone! I was in state of shocked. Nagsisigaw na ako, wala naman tumulong. I decided to go to my office and change all the password of my emails and all of my online accounts. 

Lahat ng special events, hiram hiram na lang ng phone. lol

Events: Vikings (treat for us), Company's Christmas Party, Team's Christmas Party, Baguio Trip, Christmas,  Golden Anniversary of my grandparents and New Year. 

I might not have selfies during those days but I am happy that I am safe and alive. My mom told me, I was lucky that those guys did not stab me for bombarding them. I only realized that I risked my life that time when she told me about it. I am thankful for everything. It is just a material thing. It can be replaced but life is more important and precious.

That sums up my 2015!!! Happy New Year to all! Positivity for 2016! Embrace it with open arms! I miss blogging. How about you guys? How was your 2015?

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