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The Delivery

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Few months ago, I shared my pregnancy journey. Today, I am sharing with you the day when my baby came out to the world. So I was overdue for a day but my OB decided to induce me on March 4, 2018. It was a nerve-racking experience but I actually felt at ease. 

 On the day of the delivery of my baby girl, I went to the delivery room to start my labor. They injected me some medicine to start my contractions. Well, I thought it will only take 2-4 hours. (Too much positivity here) Hahaha I am wrong darling, it took me 10 hours waiting for my cervix to open up. The first five hours were tolerable. The next three hours were uncomfortable. The last two hours were unexplainable pain. I kept on praying na lang. hahahah Prayers na lang mga fellow momshie. I think the last two hours was the final peak to decide, if ever I will be undergoing c-section. Kakakaba talaga syaaaa! Pero yun peys ko NR (No reaction). The additional pain during the labor was my cough and sore throat. Two days before my due date, I acquired the cough and sore throat. Huhu Because I can’t drink fluids during my labor, my throat reached super aching mode plus contractions. I was thinking before then, feel na feel ko pa normal delivery ako. Practice pa ako ng inhale exhale in my deep thoughts, maCS (c-section) pala ako.

 After 10hrs, cervix was still in 4cm. No changes happened, my OB talked to me to with my husband. She told me, "Hiwain na kita? Hindi bumubukas cervix mo." Do I have a choice? Wala naman din, di ba? So I answered, "Sige po doc". Sa isip isip ko nun para matapos na din. Immediately, I was prepared for the operating room. They sprayed the chilling alcohol in my back. Kagulat eh! But I haven't felt the needles for the epidural because of the scourging pain of the labor. When they started  the c-section process, the anesthesiologist was the one talking to me and keeping me preoccupied during the operation. She also inform me that after injecting morphine, I will have a tremendous shivering. After few minutes, damn! my body is shaking to the beat of single ladies. HAHAHAHA char! I have a choice too, if I want to check the gore happening in my body but I decided to look away. 

Finally, in less than an hour, Stella Kristen was born around 6 o'clock in the evening. Picture picture kami ni baby, then I suddenly felt heavy on my chest. Then, they decided for me to sleep in the recovery room for almost 5 hours. After, I was sent to my room. I can still remember how high I was during those time. I was telling the story to my mom and my sister, then I will suddenly sleep then continue my story afterwards then sleep again. hahaha Oh! Life. It was seriously, for the books. 

my little angel 

The next day with my mom, tita jo and the newest part of our family...*drumroll please* 

I am thankful because we (me and my baby) are safe without any complications. How about you fellow momshies, what is your story? Share it with us, comment down below =D  

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