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Review: Photobook Worldwide / Photobook Philippines

Friday, March 15, 2019

I discovered Photobook Worldwide, few years ago through Metrodeal site. I bought 10 small photobook softbound for 20php. Am I lucky or what? Well, it took me few months to finish one project because I was pregnant back then so my morning sickness was a huge hindrance in my everyday life. I think, out of 10 vouchers I only used 7 vouchers from Metrodeal. Some of the photobook was duplicated and I gave the extra copies to my family.

I am always looking for the special deal with Photobook Worldwide. I am waiting for the huge sale as always. The regular price is a little bit expensive. Patiently waiting is worth it.

For me, printing the photos are much better that keeping it and losing it in somewhere in my computer with the other files. This is why, I decided to compile and print it with Photobook Worldwide / Photobook Philippines. They have a lot of products to choose from too.

My bridal shower

Boracay 2016 - Our honeymoon

London 2015

I also printed our travel adventures in Japan and Jeju Island, Korea. I also printed photos of my baby Stella and her baptismal. My next project will be our wedding photos that did not reach the cut for the hardbound album, Stella's 1 year old celebration and my first ever cruise with hubby.

The Verdict: 

My orders arrived less than 7 days. I was surprised it arrived early, so bravo! It was delivered by DHL. According to the tracking status of my orders, it was from Singapore. The second batch I ordered recently was from Malaysia. In addition, they were easy to transact with. No issues at all. I tried using the software for my desktop and used also their app from my cellphone for my layout. I have not encountered any problems at all. I also scored free print of 50pc 5Rs photos by just downloading the app from my phone. As of now, I have printed 7 photobook plus 2 photobook I gave to my mom and 50pcs 5Rs from them. I am looking forward to print more. The only cons, I could share would be the shipping fee that cost around 200+ bucks per transaction. They do not charge it by address. For example, I have 5 photobooks to checkout for the day. They will not charge it for one shipping fee. The shipping fee will be also 5 x 200+ = 1000+php, unless one of the photobook will have 2 copies. That is the only time to share the shipping fee. I suggest they enhance their website for one address one shipping fee. Hahaha 

 My rating will be 4 stars out of 5 stars 

If your interested with photobook worldwide or photobook philippines? Just click the links. (-o⌒)

**By the way, this is not a sponsored post. All the money spent was from my pocket.**

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