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Jumpsuits and Playsuits for Summer

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

It is summer again! What are the fun outfits to wear during this season? Well, for me it would be jumpsuits and playsuits. It is super comfy and easy to wear. I love how designers have made it very stylish and fun to wear. By the way, do you know the difference between jumpsuits and playsuits? So I did the research again for you. Haha Jumpsuits are longer than playsuits. Playsuits are the shorter version of jumpsuits.hihi (^ー^)v I decided to share my list of top 5 cheap jumpsuits for women.

This red spaghetti strap with backless details jumpsuit is very flowy. It feels like just wearing a dress.

I love this v-neck with raffles wrap-around jumpsuit. It can also be worn in a formal event like beach wedding as a guest, just use the proper accessories to have the right look.

Strapless jumpsuit can be worn in the office just pair it with fashion blazers, to look more smart and professional.

This geometric pattern spaghetti v-neck playsuit is for casual date or walking in the beach kind of day.

The deep v – back striped playsuit, It can be worn during the super duper hot days of summer.

The following photos are from the website luvyle, they have the wonderful selection of clothes. Check them out!

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