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Stella's Pre-Birthday Photoshoot with Baby Love Studios

Monday, March 25, 2019

Finally, we have the privilege to have a photo shoot for my little baby girl. We decided to visit Baby Love Studio in BF homes. It was few minutes away from our home. Few days before the shoot, I set an appointment through their website. I received a text confirmation from them acknowledging the appointment was booked. I learned about Baby Love Studio via facebook friends. 

A day before and the morning before the appointment, they also sent us a reminder for our appointment. They were also asking for the theme of the shoot. I prefer the Baby’s Laugh, however if you check my baby’s photos. She was so shy to show her teeth. Haha

My little princess

Not looking pose - hiya mode :))

The Verdict:

What I love about Baby Love Studio? They are easy to transact with. Upon entering the studio, they have various costumes to choose from. Not only costumes, they also have a lot of backdrops, headgear, and toys for the babies to enjoy. First, they introduced Stella to  the toys to make her feel comfortable. Once she started to feel comfortable, we were ready to roll. The photographer was really an expect on taking care of the baby’s safety and on how to get her attention. He makes some loud to make her laugh or smile. However, my baby is a shy baby. Hahaha She hides her smile in her nonchalant face. The photographer told us it is also nice to have a classic photo (A baby is smiling inside her heart. Hahaha charot! A photo with baby’s bright eyes open wide and a little smile. Siguro pinagaang na lang loob namin kasi walang kasmile smile ang anak ko. Char!) I salute them because the effort they given to make my baby laugh was really an A+, although Stella laugh after the photoshoot on our way out. Kaloka si baby girl but she’s behave and she posed with grace naman. 

On the same day, they sent us all the unprocessed photos with watermarks. It was 100+ photos. We will chose 4 photos to be edited by them. The photos above was the finished product. I love how it turned out. Super cutie! 

The only cons, I included on the last email that I would like to order a photoboard but they didn’t reply anymore. Sad. 

By the way, the package I availed cost 3,500php, costumes and backdrop included. ;)

My rating for them will be 
4 stars out of 5 stars

For more information with the packages they have visit their website, http://babylovestudio.com/ or visit their facebook page - Baby Love Studio

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