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Review: ShippingCart.com - Ship your Finds

Friday, September 10, 2021

I have discovered shipping cart within my friends or colleagues or it might be through an influencer. I cannot remember anymore. Anyways, I have researched and I was able to convinced myself to try it.

What is shipping cart? Well, they will help you to ship things you bought online from other countries and deliver it to your house. Of course! with a fee. It depends if you will choose via air or sea. If you want it badly and cannot wait for the items you bought, I suggest to ship it via air but it will be more expensive. If you want to have cheaper shipping fee, you can ship via sea but it will be a little longer. It will take around more or less 40 days to receive the item.

Unboxing time

What makes it easier to trust shipping cart? For the reason that they have a partnership with LBC. Ang hari ng padala.. It is super sure that it will arrive safely in your house. By the way, this is not a sponsored post. Haha This is all base on my experience.

This is my mom's bag

By the way, what are the items I bought via online? Hmm.. So.. hahahaha Well.. I bought my mom and myself a bag on kate spade website. They have secret sale during those time. I cannot resist 40-75% discount. It was also Christmas season. Perfect for gifts.

This is my bag

These are pasabuys hahaha

Before buying first, check if the country or website you will use to order is supported by Shipping Cart. Always make sure to read the prohibited goods listed on their website. If everything is now clear. Time to order. Here are the events I encountered during those time:

  1. Checkout your items in the website 
  2. Fill up the shipping address from the address listed or provided by Shipping cart 
  3. Wait for the item to arrive in their warehouse 
  4. Declare the items to be received by the warehouse 
  5. Once the item/s arrived, they will send photos of your orders. 
  6. If you ordered from different website, they will have different timeframe of arrival. Shipping cart will have a 30 day free storage. You have still time to consolidate things. 
  7. When everything is good, time to ship out and pay for the shipping fee. 
  8. Wait.. and wait and wait.. it will arrive the soonest. Don’t yah worry ;)

The verdict

Everything went smooth for me. I selected via air cargo. I have remembered it arrived more or less than a week, after consolidating. Our items are all in good conditions. Will I order again and use shipping cart? Yes, I will. It makes my online shopping addition to be more fun and exciting. By the way, it is a little expensive too but the charges are with taxes and fees from customs. No extra hidden charges. However, they are only catering to Australia, USA and United Kingdom as of now. I hope they will expand to other countries too just like Japan and HK.

I will give them a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars

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