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Netflix: Money Heist / La Casa de Papel - Season 5 Review

Sunday, September 05, 2021


I saw this on my drafts from 2019 and I think this is the right time to post it. Last Friday the latest episodes from La Casa de Papel or Money Heist premiered on Netflix. I just finished it a few hours ago. Emotions are so fresh. Damn! If you haven’t watched it yet. Well, maybe I might spoil things for you. So don’t be triggered if I might drop a few bombs here and there, ok? Haha

It first aired last May 2017, I was able to watched it around 2018 or 2019 I guess. I did not jump to the bandwagon right away. It is not may genre in some way but you know I love to try new things. After watching the first season, I am hooked. I love the characters. Everyone is different and effin damage in their own way. It makes everyone unique.

This tv series is about of course! the heist in the bank. It was led by the professor, who is every smart and tactical. He has a lot of things in his sleeves. Then, after the successful heist. For Berlin’s sake, they planned another super critical heist that Berlin dreamed of when he is still around. Many things really happened. I will not put it into details. You better watch it for Berlin’s sake. 😋
Let’s go back to the present new episodes, I can say. . .

It is intense!!! Every episode is nerve racking. Call of duty levels! Hahahaha I thought it would be boring because it is about another heist but they turned every event to be exciting to look forward for. The episode 5, if you like her. Shocks! Hold your heart tight. It might pop out!!! I cried because of that scene. GOSH!!! I still can’t get over with it but if you are in the internet always you might get a few spoiler here and there. Hihi The continuation will be on December 2021. I am excited AF! By the way, my fave characters are now with Berlin. huhuhuhu 😭

I will give La Casa de Papel or Money Heist 5/5 stars.


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