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How I Met Your Mother - Season 1 to 9 (2005 - 2014)

Saturday, September 18, 2021


During the first year of pandemic, I was looking for a tv series that I could watch even if I am doing other things like folding clothes, doing some household chores or anything that I don’t need to read the subtitles. I think the first thing to consider is, it should be in English. Haha Korean telenovelas should be watched with full attention because of the subtitles. Hold and behold!!! I suddenly remember I want to try and jump to the bandwagon of How I met your mother tv series. At first, I am a little skeptical because it has 9 seasons. I am doubting myself that I might not finish the whole thing. Guess what? I want to give myself a pat on the back. I finished the 9 seasons without skipping an episode.

Well, I have seen some of the episode before when Netflix is not yet a thing. I have watched it through ETC channel. Sometimes they also have a marathon weekend for catch up series. I was able to watch it few years ago. Last year, I started it and I was hooked again. Let me give some of the general plot of the series.

It all started from Ted Mosby, he tells the story to his children. The story on how he met the mother of his kids. The setting of the story was in New York City. It was a long plot to be honest. He shares all his dating stories and the unbelievable adventure of their friends in a very comedic way. They always met up on a pub or sometimes on Ted Mosby and Marshall Eriksen’s apartment above the pub.

The writers of this series are really genius, it has a lot of plot twist that could go wrong or go in a very different direction but will always find a way to make us laugh. I love the diversity of the characters. Ted Mosby is a hopeless romantic. He always believes in love and will do anything for love. Marshall Eriksen is a loyal partner to Lily Aldrin. The couple story mostly involves the harsh reality of a long relationship, it is not always sunshine and butterflies. It might be sometimes drought or thunder and lighting. They have their way to compromise and always end up with each other’s arms. While Robin Scherbatsky, she is a Canadian reporter who they became friends with during Ted Mosby’s relationship with her. However, she is a person who does not believe in love and marriage. She has a lot different perspective in life. Lastly, Barney Stinson our.. wait for it.. legendary character. He gives the spice in their existence. He is a womanizer freak. He loves to get it and leave. In our present generation, he likes to GHOST his girls. Hahaha

When I reached the last episode of this series, I felt sad that it was already over. I will have a hard time a finding a new tv series with this kind of wit. Will I recommend this series? Of course! It might have 9 seasons but it has only around 30 minutes per episode. It will be easy to binge watch.

I will rate this tv series as 5 out of 5 stars!!!

Have you watched HIMYM? Comment down below your thoughts about it.

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