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Happy 1.07M Page View!!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2021


After ignoring my blog since 2020 because you know life suddenly changed in an instant. Even though, I am guilty of ignoring my blog. I am still paying for my domain. I just don’t know what to blog. I have lazy brain, anxiety and paranoia lately. I will save it from another blog, maybe. Hopefully? I really hope I can make this as a hobby again. 

What made me revisit my blog again? Well, weekly we have a video meeting with my colleagues. We also have a random question. For that week, the question was “What is your secret dream?” I actually answered, “To be a famous influencer / blogger.” 

 Sometimes, life changes. . . 

 I was once active in my blog and I was also considering to use youtube as a platform before when it was not yet a thing. Now, everyone wants to be an influencer and I realized it might be not my thing anymore because I am getting old. Tita moments. Hahaha Checking my unli drafts in my blog, I had a lot of plans that it did not push through. I hope… I just really hope to be active again. Even just sharing my random thoughts for my mental health just like the old blogs before, when life was just simple or I can post my movies and tv series reviews too (this is what keeps me busy). Whatever comes along. I hope to share it again with the world. 

 By the way, I was shookt to see my blog to reach a 1.07 million page views! Wow! I want to thank google and other search engines in showing my other posts in random people. I am not sure if I still have a follower, if I still have one.. comment down below. Hahah charot! 

 LOVE YOU ALL! CONGRATS TO SWIRLS AND SCRIBBLE! Alive and kicking since 2009 ;)

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