With or Without Ondoy, we have our retreat at Alfonso, Cavite. I felt really lucky because I did not experience to be stranded or walked in a dirty, eeky and muddy flood of Metro Manila. FYI, almost 200 students of St. Paul Manila were stranded and slept in the campus. I'm not one of them. I'm just one of the concerned students, who wants to know if they are doing good or whatever. Lucky in a sense that we arrived safe and early at St. Paul Renewal Center.

*emergency exit - me@ room 218*

I spend my 3days and 2night dedicated for the Lord. I'm very fortunate. Others maybe panicking or hungry by that time, I was praying for them with my classmates and schoolmates. On the other hand, I felt a little guilty because we have a lot of foods to eat. Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner that was our great sacrifice to eat and eat. Compare to the past retreat, this one is a life changing retreat. I learned many good thing about God.

Bro. Roland, the retreat master, a person full of energy in his body. A man who has inspires us to be different and to be a better person. (I hope) He made us laugh but his words are very striking it can hit and open ones eyes for the truth. Every words, every phrases and every sentences are important to dwell into the God's love.

The first night, he made us cry because he told us a sad story from a boy. I really controlled my tears not to fall but I can't. Before tears fall into my eyes, I was saying to myself, "Oh noo.. *sakit na ng lalamunan* hind ko na kaya, magkakaheart attack na yata ako." hahaha Suddenly,I can hear some people crying. Gez! that's hard. It made me felt more uneasy, I accidentally looked at my seatmate, who is crying already, that was the time i released my tears slowly and lost my focus from the story. With a mellow background music and a story like Bro. Roland told us I thought no one can help but to shed tears also. Afterwards, we had a sharing with my groupmates, they were teary eyes while telling the story mostly about parents, being alone and financial problems. Mine was different, second life and rebellious thoughts. It was fun. I shared a part of me to them.

*taken @ the prayer room*

The second day and night, another brother arrived it was Bro. Odey, who facilitated some activities. He made us draw a pictures in our traced hands and every finger represents something. Index finger- a word or phrase that can describe myself. Middle finger- draw greatest growth experience. Ring finger - Bad or negative attitude. Pinky finger - God's greatest gift not a person. Palm - What keeps you going in life? Wrist - name or nickname. Of course, sharing again with another set of group mates, this time with accounting or fma students. We met new friends, I again shared a part of me thru that sharing. I felt loved from God from the stories of people around me. The last session for the night was unforgettable experience. A time alone for God. It was like close encounter with God. I felt his presence. A feeling I wish lasted for long. I cried. Hagulgol to max. I tried to be quiet but there were times I can not. It ended with more hugs from my friends, my classmates and my group mates. Affection, I need it once in a while. All the burden was released. I like it.

*Last day, barkada picture*

The last day, confession and sang songs of praises. Deep inside, I don't want to end my retreat. I want to stay there. Peace of mind, tranquility are words can describe my stay in that retreat. Now, it's back to reality. Living a life with worldly temptation again but I will avoid it. God is in my heart.

Lesson in Life: "We can't have every thing we desire, but we have everything we need."


Flavors. In picking a flavor in an ice cream is hard to do. Especially if there are different sweet melting flavors infront of me. What should I do? What should I taste first? Will I pick the best flavor of all? Will I regret my choice? Those are some questions popping in and out of my mind every second I look on those sweet ice creams. It's hard to choose. My long time favorite or the rare and one of kind. That's hard. I could only choose one.
*Ice cream, great. :)*

In life, If people have different and many choices, they tend to get confused. Just like me. One confused babe. To be or not to be? To trust my heart or my mind? To ignore or to take a look? To risk or to wonder all a long? To expect or to be surprise? Emotions get tangled every time I think about my choices. My mind spins non-stop. Thinking. Focusing. Roaming. Wondering. Damn! Then, a major headache comes by to stay. Why should I be thinking those stuffs? Why can't I blurt some ideas revolving to those stuffs? Sometimes, I feel it's just there to stay in my head to occupy it until I can't handle it anymore. It will slowly fades away. Time to decide and be happy in the things I have and you have. Stop the confusion. Don't let it eat our way. Let God guides us in every decision we make to. Smile the confusion all the way. Amen. :)

One of the stressful days of College life is thesis. You're out of place if you haven't experienced doing a thesis whether a baby thesis or an actual thesis that might be the cause of not attending in your graduation. I am happy to say that me and my groupmates have been finished doing it a while ago and also submitted it to our professor. I thank God for helping us in our desperate needs. The only challenge we are going to encounter is the defense. I know, the stress is still on. It will be next week. I should start studying our thesis. We need collaboration and the sense of being Ms. Know-it-all, even though we're not. hahaha. White lies is indeed needed. Practice makes perfect A ++. Right! Go. go.

*looking at my phone very sleeping. doing the cost and benefit analysis*
(@ninay's crib)

I felt really pressured in doing the thesis. Time pressured. The deadlines and the requirements are major cause of my sleepless nights, my 24/7 online duty, my stuttering moments, my memory gaps and my constipation(haha! secret lang natin). Too much makes my mind to clurred and narrow. Despite of thesis, we still have other systems to finish with different programming lauguage like C#, .ASP and visual basic. I have the reason to be BANGAG. For example, sleep in the class, mumble words differently that no one understand but me, get easily tired without doing too much work and going a lot of crazy things. I dunno how or why I can keep up with this shits. I can simply say, I trust God and thank Him with every single grace He has given to me. Praise the LORD! wooh. :)

*the tools we used for the thesis. me busy doing nothing*
(@ninay's room)

After September, it will be petiks time. BUM world will surely welcome me again. Party starts and drinking seesions will be part of it. I hope it will be fun sembreak because it will be my last sembreak. huhuhu Besides, I only have 2 weeks of vacation. I think. Then, implementaion time! thesis again with codes and codes. Together with our OJT, we will continue doing the f*cking thesis. I'm getting fat, for the reason that all I can do is eat, sit, type, stand and move the mouse. Very tiring and productive? haha Anyways, I'm proud to let others know I can sleep earlier!!! FUN.


Yes! all of us I think is a user of this social networking site called FACEBOOK, even our relatives and professors are signing up. I'm totally hooked with this site. I'm close to be called "Admin". I'm always using that site for updating myself to my friends, for commenting, for playing the applications they have or for liking the stuff the people are posting in their walls. My life evolves in this site. Morning until dawn count on me, I'll be there. Addict! yeah. That's the right word. If you heard the words, facebook addict, I'm guilty as charge plus a reward to those people will caught me harvesting my crops in Farmville. hahaha. Level 20 as of now, within two or more weeks of playing, I just can't stop plowing, seeding and harvesting my farm. I never thought I will be like this towards farmville. Before, I just ignored those request they kept sending me but at the end I gave in. Because one of my friends, requesting to send a gift to him. I'm kind-hearted that time, so I send him one tree. A night, I won't forget, the reason I became addicted to Farmville big time. He keeps on telling me, send me gifts. I said, sure why not, cause I'm bored that time. I gave it try and ta-da! I can't stop playing. OMG! Sleepness nights and sneaking to Net Lab just to harvest. I think my friends are starting to get hooked also, due to my persistent actions.

Last early Sunday, I opened my facebook and did the usual things. Unfortunately, when I came back home, I can't log-in. It lasted for almost 4 days without Facebook in our house. I'm close to dying and depression. hahaha. I did everything. I restore, clean-up, delete the temporary, history and cookies of my browsers and even reinstall my operating system for the sake of Facebook. Nothing happened until this day, I tried again and it worked. Yey! back to business in facebook. More plowing, seeding and harvesting to go. Level UP! wooh.

Currently needs: Long hours of Sleep.
Currently feeling: Tired and Weary.
Currently excited for: Y4IT - UP diliman tomorrow.

Kimmy Dora + Jabbawockeez = Happiness without Kiyeme.

Today,we went to Makati to watch a movie. We ate first at CPK, ordered my favorite bbQ salad. Then, off to buy tickets for "Kimmy Dora". I thought, it was boring or might be corny, so I'm not that excited to watch the movie. I just wanted to go out somewhere, that's why I was tag along by my mom. We roamed around Glorietta, waiting for the time to enter the movie house. Little did I know, when we arrived I was totally shocked by the length of the line. Cinema 6 to Timezone. Gez! never expected that kind of line. Eugene Domingo have a lot of fans, infairness to her. People who have lined-up was the people I'll never realize and expect to watch the movie. Those sosyaleras! hahahaha. I also saw Carmi Martin, finding a seat for her date. Jam-pack kasi as in. The movie was really funny. I were crying because of my laughter. Uber tawa talaga! It was great. ROFL-that's the right term to describe my feelings a while ago. Two thumbs up! and around of a clause. The movie made my day. Compare to Tanging Ina the movie, I'll rather choose this to watch it all over again.

After the movie, my number one concern was to see Live the Jabbawockeez. It was a success. :) True! Siksik kung siksik. Walang Kiyeme kiyeme. It's the icing on top for this day. People was all over the place, the major reason why, I can only see the miniature version of them. :D Babawi na lang ako sa projector.

Now, I can't connect to FB. LECHE! I've done it all but its useless.


Huling araw na ng agosto at gusto ko ipahayag ang aking saloobin sa wikang tagalog. Dahil na din ngayon ay "buwan ng Wika". Sa totoo lang, hindi ako sanay sa aking ginagawa. Mahirap pala pag purong Tagalog kung gagamitin sa aking blog.

Hay buhay! Sadyang mahirap intindihin. Ang hirap pakisamahan minsan. Nakakaloka. Nakakalito. Ngunit masarap mabuhay. Ang daming kong kailangan tapos pero naiisipan ko pa din ituloy ang pagblog. Mukhang patay na naman ako bukas nito. Mahihirapan na naman ako magising.

Nakakaiyak minsan mabuhay. Maiiyak ka sa kalungkutan o sa kasiyahan. Minsan din, sa wala. Practice lang, gusto mo lang makita sa iyong sarili umiyak sa harap ng salamin. *baliw?haha* Paano ba mabuhay? Ano ba ang ating kailangan gawin kaya tayo nabuhay? Para kanino kaya? Syo o sa kanya? *iiyyee* Bangag na ko pasensyahan nyo na. Umiikot na aking utak sa kawalan. Gusto kasi magblog kaso kulang ang aking preparasyon sa aking itatype. Kaya kung ano na lang maisipan. Gusto ko lang mabawasan ang aking iniisip. Katulad na lang ng "thesis". Sino ba nakaimbento nyan? Leche. Pinapahirapan nya buhay namin. Lalo sa aking kursong kinukuha ang dali dali gawin.*mahirap talaga* Naingit ako sa iba noong nalaman kong chicken balls lang ang kailangan nilang i-defense. Watdapak. Parang gusto kong tumalon sa building, trip ko lang noong narinig ko yun. Kinakabahan pa sila. Bat ganun? Doon ko lang nalaman na ang talino ko. Hindi basta basta ang aming "thesis". *yabang mode* Ang dami ko pang gagawin at ito ako, nakikipaglokohan sa aking keyboard. Bangag na naman ako bukas. Lagot na ko. Kaya tatapusin ko na aking pag tatagalog sa araw na ito. Salamat. BOW. :)