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Monday, September 07, 2009

Kimmy Dora + Jabbawockeez = Happiness without Kiyeme.

Today,we went to Makati to watch a movie. We ate first at CPK, ordered my favorite bbQ salad. Then, off to buy tickets for "Kimmy Dora". I thought, it was boring or might be corny, so I'm not that excited to watch the movie. I just wanted to go out somewhere, that's why I was tag along by my mom. We roamed around Glorietta, waiting for the time to enter the movie house. Little did I know, when we arrived I was totally shocked by the length of the line. Cinema 6 to Timezone. Gez! never expected that kind of line. Eugene Domingo have a lot of fans, infairness to her. People who have lined-up was the people I'll never realize and expect to watch the movie. Those sosyaleras! hahahaha. I also saw Carmi Martin, finding a seat for her date. Jam-pack kasi as in. The movie was really funny. I were crying because of my laughter. Uber tawa talaga! It was great. ROFL-that's the right term to describe my feelings a while ago. Two thumbs up! and around of a clause. The movie made my day. Compare to Tanging Ina the movie, I'll rather choose this to watch it all over again.

After the movie, my number one concern was to see Live the Jabbawockeez. It was a success. :) True! Siksik kung siksik. Walang Kiyeme kiyeme. It's the icing on top for this day. People was all over the place, the major reason why, I can only see the miniature version of them. :D Babawi na lang ako sa projector.

Now, I can't connect to FB. LECHE! I've done it all but its useless.


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