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Friday, September 11, 2009

Yes! all of us I think is a user of this social networking site called FACEBOOK, even our relatives and professors are signing up. I'm totally hooked with this site. I'm close to be called "Admin". I'm always using that site for updating myself to my friends, for commenting, for playing the applications they have or for liking the stuff the people are posting in their walls. My life evolves in this site. Morning until dawn count on me, I'll be there. Addict! yeah. That's the right word. If you heard the words, facebook addict, I'm guilty as charge plus a reward to those people will caught me harvesting my crops in Farmville. hahaha. Level 20 as of now, within two or more weeks of playing, I just can't stop plowing, seeding and harvesting my farm. I never thought I will be like this towards farmville. Before, I just ignored those request they kept sending me but at the end I gave in. Because one of my friends, requesting to send a gift to him. I'm kind-hearted that time, so I send him one tree. A night, I won't forget, the reason I became addicted to Farmville big time. He keeps on telling me, send me gifts. I said, sure why not, cause I'm bored that time. I gave it try and ta-da! I can't stop playing. OMG! Sleepness nights and sneaking to Net Lab just to harvest. I think my friends are starting to get hooked also, due to my persistent actions.

Last early Sunday, I opened my facebook and did the usual things. Unfortunately, when I came back home, I can't log-in. It lasted for almost 4 days without Facebook in our house. I'm close to dying and depression. hahaha. I did everything. I restore, clean-up, delete the temporary, history and cookies of my browsers and even reinstall my operating system for the sake of Facebook. Nothing happened until this day, I tried again and it worked. Yey! back to business in facebook. More plowing, seeding and harvesting to go. Level UP! wooh.

Currently needs: Long hours of Sleep.
Currently feeling: Tired and Weary.
Currently excited for: Y4IT - UP diliman tomorrow.

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