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Saturday, September 12, 2009

One of the stressful days of College life is thesis. You're out of place if you haven't experienced doing a thesis whether a baby thesis or an actual thesis that might be the cause of not attending in your graduation. I am happy to say that me and my groupmates have been finished doing it a while ago and also submitted it to our professor. I thank God for helping us in our desperate needs. The only challenge we are going to encounter is the defense. I know, the stress is still on. It will be next week. I should start studying our thesis. We need collaboration and the sense of being Ms. Know-it-all, even though we're not. hahaha. White lies is indeed needed. Practice makes perfect A ++. Right! Go. go.

*looking at my phone very sleeping. doing the cost and benefit analysis*
(@ninay's crib)

I felt really pressured in doing the thesis. Time pressured. The deadlines and the requirements are major cause of my sleepless nights, my 24/7 online duty, my stuttering moments, my memory gaps and my constipation(haha! secret lang natin). Too much makes my mind to clurred and narrow. Despite of thesis, we still have other systems to finish with different programming lauguage like C#, .ASP and visual basic. I have the reason to be BANGAG. For example, sleep in the class, mumble words differently that no one understand but me, get easily tired without doing too much work and going a lot of crazy things. I dunno how or why I can keep up with this shits. I can simply say, I trust God and thank Him with every single grace He has given to me. Praise the LORD! wooh. :)

*the tools we used for the thesis. me busy doing nothing*
(@ninay's room)

After September, it will be petiks time. BUM world will surely welcome me again. Party starts and drinking seesions will be part of it. I hope it will be fun sembreak because it will be my last sembreak. huhuhu Besides, I only have 2 weeks of vacation. I think. Then, implementaion time! thesis again with codes and codes. Together with our OJT, we will continue doing the f*cking thesis. I'm getting fat, for the reason that all I can do is eat, sit, type, stand and move the mouse. Very tiring and productive? haha Anyways, I'm proud to let others know I can sleep earlier!!! FUN.


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