Monday, September 21, 2009

Flavors. In picking a flavor in an ice cream is hard to do. Especially if there are different sweet melting flavors infront of me. What should I do? What should I taste first? Will I pick the best flavor of all? Will I regret my choice? Those are some questions popping in and out of my mind every second I look on those sweet ice creams. It's hard to choose. My long time favorite or the rare and one of kind. That's hard. I could only choose one.
*Ice cream, great. :)*

In life, If people have different and many choices, they tend to get confused. Just like me. One confused babe. To be or not to be? To trust my heart or my mind? To ignore or to take a look? To risk or to wonder all a long? To expect or to be surprise? Emotions get tangled every time I think about my choices. My mind spins non-stop. Thinking. Focusing. Roaming. Wondering. Damn! Then, a major headache comes by to stay. Why should I be thinking those stuffs? Why can't I blurt some ideas revolving to those stuffs? Sometimes, I feel it's just there to stay in my head to occupy it until I can't handle it anymore. It will slowly fades away. Time to decide and be happy in the things I have and you have. Stop the confusion. Don't let it eat our way. Let God guides us in every decision we make to. Smile the confusion all the way. Amen. :)


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