Keso de Bola - not the real cheese, it has another meaning "Cheesy na bola". Right! this are for the guys,who use some certain sobrang cheesy lines of banat and bola words. I know girls can relate to certain fact. So don't be fooled by the cheese that they got. HAHA

Seriously, I rather hear the story of he's life than the cheesy lines guys will say to me just to get into something even though they are not that sincere enough. Share some secrets and tell me the truth and that's better. I'm a sucker for stories. I'm really a listener than a sharer. It takes time for me to spill the beans. I usually observe first, if the person is someone who I can trust, be afraid.. Be really afraid because once I start talking. No one can stop me. I talk a lot too but to certain people only. There are times, I don't speak. Too lazy. HAHA

Moreover, I love to laugh so make me laugh, not about cheesy banats but to the true-to-life experiences. Sometimes I literally want to gag, when a person keeps on telling me banats na sunod sunod. Nakakasuka, totoo! Hello, bakit ka ganyan? wala ka bang alam gawin at sabihin kung di mga letcheng kung anu-ano. I see a capital B-O-L-E-R-O in you! So just shut up, if you're not doing any good. I feel negativity from the start, it's bad. Especially if I just met a person just a couple of days or months, then he keeps on insisting and asking random awkward questions. He's out of the game. NEXT! :))

People like this are not WORTH IT!

"Thou shall not make PAASA."

Madaming ganyan sa mundong ibabaw. Mga taong papaasahin ka sa mga bagay bagay. Paniniwalain ka na magiging totoo ang lahat kanilang sinasabi. Mga taong nangangako ngunit napapako. Bakit kayo ganyan? Nakakabadtrip dude! Thats why I don't make promises, syempre once you said it, you should act on it. Make an action to make it happen di ba? Para hindi ka nagpapaasa at para walang umaasa kagaya ko. HAHAHA Paasa always leads to disappointment, big time! Kaya sometimes it's hard to believe every word a single person will tell to you. They often say something unconsciously. Then, forget it after you remembered every details. Kahit kapamilya, kapuso, kabarkada kahit sino pwedeng magpaasa. Kaya ingat lang. Wag masyadong isaisip lahat ng sinasabi ng bawat tao. Pwede din ako dito pero iniiwasan ko na yan. Ayoko ng magmukhang ewan, napapahiya lang ako. Sometimes, if want to brag something your mom told you, tapos ano? Biglang change of plan. Time for embarrassment. Shit! Yan ang ayoko. haha From now on, if it happened or super sure na talaga, thats the only time I will tell to someone about that idea. I'm being careful. More careful. I don't want to expect and assume anymore. I will just focus on the things that's present from now on.

Live like I am dying. =)

Another trip to the salon. I decided to have a haircut again. Well, that was really my plan after graduation. Now, this is it. Shorter hair na, compared from my last haircut. Feel na feel ko talaga sya because of my haircut, my chin was emphasize. Baka magulat mga tao, biglang sabihin na, "Shit! may baba pala si aby." Dahil sobrang round face ko. hahaha. My plan to have a full bangs was not successful but I still have a bangs, sideways nga lang. More on, Yeng Constantino minus the full bangs yung look ko for now. I don't have any pictures to post. Maybe next time.

Guess what? I went first to Tony and Jackey for Daisy, one of the great hairstylist in the salon, unfortunately the promo they have was not available. From 300php to 500php haircut, imagine that! too expensive darling! I wanna cry out loud. Its been always Daisy, who cuts my hair. So instead to postpone my haircut session, I went to David's Salon. The price was reasonable than T&J salon. I'm sure they made a good job. :)

I want to go somewhere far! I'm so ingit na with those people who went to the beach already. I want to swim but I'm more into the taking picture part. hahaha. The truth is I'm scared to be "umitim", because I'm morena so over exposure with the sun will make me, what you called NOGNOG. I want new profile picture. Unfortunately, we don't have any plans yet. =( Other thing is... DIET is needed. Excercise is also needed more. Being at home all the time makes me FAT. It makes me eat when I'm bored, then I'll sleep. When I wake up, I sit then eat then watch tv or read a book. I want to do something different.