For the past days weeks, I received a lot of unexpected packages from different online stores and orders from the magical internet. hehehe Yes. It is really magical indeed. Why? For the reason that I made friends and help random people from different parts of the world to promote their businesses and products. One day will come that I would need a few bloggers to promote my online store, "All Things Fit". So stay tune, I might send you an email to advertise my online store. hehe

Here are the awesome things I received from awesome people:
Revamp sent me a lot of cute things. I didn't expected it. I received some bracelets and a printed sleeveless. I definitely incorporate in on my #OOTD next time!

I have been using Belle de Jour for a few years now. I annually answer their survey just for fun. I didn't expect to be one of the first 500 bellas to receive a BDJ forget-me-not cash tracker and ideas journal. I am loving it. I am currently using it get on track for the orders in my online shop. I am hoping to write your name too, once you ordered. hihihi ;)

Waaahhhh, I haven't posted my review from these products. Too many backlogs. I am so sorry. I am so busy with work, extra work and then my online shop. I am so happy I still keep it up with my blog (even though, I blog a little non-sense lately) and ComEx. From sample room!

Lovely accessories from Rings & Tings! Super love the necklace with the word LOVE! #OOTD the soonest!

Another jewelry from, it took me a little while to get in on the post office. I have no time to get it during the office hours. So I set a vacation leave to claim them. Of course! #OOTD!

Thank you to the people, who sent these items! I can't wait to use them! Till my next "What's in my mailbox?" post.

Source of the photo: From Google

Planning a beach holiday should be an exciting experience. You’re finally getting away from it all. You can completely relax and finally get that fantastic tan you’ve been dreaming of all winter long. However, for many women, a beach holiday can also be really stressful.

After all, you’re planning on showing off your body to potentially hundreds of people. Unless you are 100% confident with your body, for many this can be really distressing! But have no fear; there are quite a few things you can wear that’ll help boost your confidence on the beach. By following a few simple tips, you’ll be able to get that well-deserved relaxation without stressing out about your body.

Problem solving swimwear

You don’t have to wear a bikini on the beach to look good. Today’s swimsuits can look really stylish and help hide any insecurities you may have about your tummy, thighs and bum. There are even specially designed swimsuits which hold parts of your body in, creating a flawless silhouette. For a modern style swimsuit, opt for one which has a halter neck design.

Well-fitted bikini tops

If you plan on wearing a bikini, make sure it fits well. Ideally, you should get yourself measured before you buy a bikini. Many women don’t even realise they are wearing the wrong size bras and swimwear! By getting measured you’ll be able to choose a bikini that fits comfortably and will provide you with plenty of support throughout the holiday. Resort is one of the brands selling well fitting bikinis for all ages, available at

Dress for your body shape

Do you know which swimwear looks better on your body shape? Do you even know what your body shape is? Over the past few years, there has been a lot of focus on dressing to suit women’s various shapes and sizes. Different types of swimwear look better on different shapes. For instance, ruched swimwear can help hide problem waists and is great for pear shapes.  

Highlight your best features

To draw attention away from the parts of your body you don’t like, wear bright colours that highlight your best assets. Stripy swimwear can help create a slimmer figure and it is also really eye-catching and fashionable.

Avoid a washed-out look

When you have pale skin, it’s important to choose the right coloured beach wear. Depending on your skin tone, some will make you look washed out. Pale skin tones typically look best with black or deep purple swimwear, whereas lighter and brighter colours are recommended for those with a darker skin tone.

All Things Fit is officially open for business. This is my online shop. Well, actually more on my mom’s. hehehe She was the one who wants to sell shoes. I am helping her with the facebook thingy and promoting it. Please buy any of the shoes. Pretty please! I am begging you. Hahaha Talagang beg na? I am not good at selling things but I am learning! I hope you will like it. I assure you the quality of our products are all in good conditions. I am not a bogus seller. Hehehe I will make sure all the orders you will place will arrived in front of your doorstep. We are new with this so bear with us. 

Check out the products, they are all for sale! If you fancy something and wants to buy it don’t hesitate to contact me, message me, email me, or whatever. I will be there! hahahaha
Beige flats | 645php (left upper photo), Light Blue flats | 645php (right upper photo), 
Red half shoes | 545php (left lower photo), Black half shoes | 545php (right lower photo)

Hemp Strap Lubed (Wedge) | 425php (left upper photo), EMA (Accessorized Strap) | 355php (right upper photo), Hemp Straps Lubed (Flat) | 255php (left lower photo), BANHAI | 250php (right lower photo)

By the way guys, it is FREE SHIPPING FOR METRO MANILA! Hurry! Buy now! One more thing, please like this page? or spread the word? I need your support fellow bloggers. If you have time, blog about my online shop. Please please please! Send me your links, I will promote your blogs! Mwaahhh! Thank you so much!

For more information:

South-East Asia’s fashion and beauty e-commerce leader invests further into m-commerce

Philippines, 18th July 2013 – ZALORA, South-East Asia’s fastest-growing fashion and beauty e-tailer, today announced the further expansion of its mobile repertoire with the launch of its Android shopping app across the region ( The app launch follows the successful launch of the ZALORA iPhone shopping app three months ago, which within 24 hours, became the #1 lifestyle app in the iTunes stores of all ZALORA countries, and the #1 overall app in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam.

The Android app enables on-the-go shoppers to seamlessly navigate over 500 brands and 15,000 products across the apparel, shoes, accessories and beauty categories, making ZALORA’s convenience-centric offerings finally available to Android users too. The ZALORA Android app enables shoppers to:

- Receive push notifications on new arrivals and flash sales so that they are always in the know
- Easily browse for a quick overview of product information, images, ratings and reviews
- Add items to cart and infinitely save them for later (*as long as the app is kept active)
- Pick from multiple payment methods – Credit Card, PayPal, Cash-On-Delivery

In addition to these shopping features, the ZALORA Android app also provides a richer mobile shopping experience – It uses the built-in capabilities of the Android OS to create engaging native animations such as with the ‘add-to-cart’ action. The app also manages to cater to all ZALORA markets despite each e-store’s localized ZALORA product collections, by routing shoppers to the fashion and beauty catalog for their respective locations (see below for a view of Android App visuals).

Further to this mobile development, ZALORA will also be launching a redesign of its mobile site in August. The redesign will feature a more visual navigation route, with a style focus that is optimized for marketing and customer relationship management (CRM). The new and improved site will also feature additional filters, a clear multi-step checkout, and social sharing (see below for a view of preliminary visuals).

“Our developments in the m-commerce sphere earlier this year have proven to be the right move for us – Now almost 25% of our revenue across the region comes from mobile”, says Michele Ferrario, Regional Managing Director, ZALORA South-East Asia. “Investing in our software development team has paid off, as their hard work has yielded successful mobile developments for ZALORA even within a region that has a promising but still nascent m-commerce sector.”

ZALORA will be providing at 20% discount to all those that download the Android App from July 18 to 19, the two first days of the launch. ZALORA will also be giving away a CLOUDFONE Thrill 450q for one lucky customer who downloads the app.

Per DTI-NCR, Permit No. 7678, Series of 2013.

**Advertisement from Zalora**

Happy Tuesday everyone! Good news! I am here to announce another giveaway for all of you! Hooorreeeyy! I was supposed to post this last weekend unfortunately I got sick until now I don’t feel good. I am looking forward for a better days hopefully. Anyways, enough about me let us talk about the new giveaway from iheart KAGNshop!

Before the mechanics, a short introduction of iheart KAGNshop:

At iheart KAGNshop we are focused on providing cute and affordable accessories plus fashion clothes.We will do everything we can to meet your expectations. With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy with our work.

I know the owner of the online shop we graduated on the same school. Hahaha So it means she is trust-worthy. Hehehe Because nowadays, there are a lot of scammers out there so be careful with the people who you trust, right?

I grabbed some photos from Iheart KAGNshop, they have a lot of cute finds. 

 colorful bandage skirts for only 200php

printed leggings from only 250php

 they also made some personalized necklace! :)

 flat shoes!

 love this one too!

They have lovely fashionable clothes, shoes and accessories. Iheart KAGNshop is also generous to sponsor a giveaway for you. One lucky winner can win a skater skirt, aztec leggings and a bandage skirt. So what are you still waiting for? Join now. You know the drill follow, like and share your way for these fabulous items. Wait for the rafflecopter to load. =) For Philippine residents only.

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

For more information about iheart KAGNshop:
Contact no.:  0933 438 3994

I have been itching to buy a new headphones. I kept on searching and searching the internet, where the heck I could buy a good pair of headphones. It took me a while before I made my final decision because there were a lot of choices especially if you will search it on Yes, it took me days to decide. You know girls; they keep on changing their minds a.k.a fickle minded.

It was head to head with Philips and Urbanears but I have decided to choose Urbanears. For the reason, it is more stylish and it has a good sound quality. I like the color too. CORAL it is a little bit peachy and pinkish. Hehe Anyways, I bought it thru After I ordered it online, I think the next thing I knew it was in front of my door already. How fast and convenient, right?
How delightful I was when I saw this when I arrived home. 

To know more about Urbanears, here’s a short clip:

Unboxing Urbanears Bagis Coral. Check out the box, extraordinary!

It is so cute! Look at the color. hehehe

The box contains the in-ears headphones, ear sleeves with different sizes, stickers, warranty and a booklet with informations about Urbanears.

Ear sleeves with different sizes. This was one of the reasons why I bought an Urbanears in-ears headphones, they have different sizes for different ears. Unlike the other in-ears headphone they have a default sleeve.  I have a small ears. Therefore, I am so happy they have the small sleeves. Yey! Good job!

For the sound quality, I will give them 9 out of 10. Very clear and it erases noise from the reality. Yes, so true. It feels like you are in your own world once you have them on. It is designed for iphones, blackberry, and htc. It also has a mic so you can use it for phone calls or voice recording.  It is so stylish I am loving every minute and every second I am using it. 

I also want to share with you a PHP 300 Discount Voucher code: LZDbrDgr for A MINIMUM WORTH of P3000 PURCHASE for Enjoy your online shopping. 
Azalea Residences in Baguio is a hotel along Leonard Wood Road near Teacher’s Camp. We stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights during our company’s anniversary outing. The place was amazing. The rate was very reasonable for its ambience and rooms. The staffs were friendly and hospitable. When we arrived in the hotel, they greeted us and they served us a drink (juice) from the bar while we were waiting for our rooms.

It was near Session road and to the other attractions in Baguio. We tried to be adventurous and made our way to Cathedral Church. It was fun to walk and to feel the cold breeze of Baguio but if I am in Manila, I would not dare to walk. I would be drench in massive sweat because of the intense heat that’s for sure. If you don’t want to walk you can ride a taxi. It was cheap. Azalea Residences to Session road only cost 47 pesos but only 4 passengers were allowed. We went to different places and I would dedicate a different blog post for it, stay tuned.

Here are the photos from Azalea Residences:
The sign!!!

This is it!

The lobby when you look up. :)

The mini bar - we stayed here while waiting for our rooms.

Ta-da! The bed. I am so sad that I did not take photos of the whole room. I will just narrate what I saw. When you entered the room, you will see a mini kitchen and mini bar. Then, a mini living room with flat screen tv with dvd player. The sofa can be transformed into a bed, so in our room 4 people can stay. There was also a terrace on every room. Moreover, when you entered the bedroom you will see the bed (photo above). It has a flat screen tv and a closet and a mirror. I have no idea where was the aircon, they only have electric fans. (Super tipid nila sa electricity for sure, ang galing sa Baguio) Sometimes when you went out in your room or in the hotel, it is colder. Centralized aircon ang Baguio. Lamig!  Amazing. =))

The fountain in front of the hotel. Just ignore my chubby face and  chubby body and messy hair. LOL!

I recommend the place! XD

For more details:
During high school, everyone is busy preparing for JS prom or graduation ball. I remember those days, when I and my classmates drew our dream gowns for our prom night on the paper. Because I am best at drawing, they cannot understand what I drew. Hahaha Okey, I confess I am not good at sketching things. I am best at drawing stick figures or flowers, not gowns. One of my friends started laughing at my drawing. He can’t imagine what my gown will look like on the day. Am I that horrible when it comes to expressing myself in sketching? 

When the day had arrived, many of my schoolmates were wearing chiffon evening dresses. They all looked lovely. We all transformed into beautiful swans, every one of us look so stunning. Then, my friends saw me. The one I drew was so not my gown because my gown was way prettier and elegant than my sketch. Maybe I am not destined to be a fashion designer after all. 

When I mentioned chiffon evening dresses a while ago, I decided to share some beautiful gown that caught my eyes. They can be worn in any special occasion like prom, formal gathering, awards night, birthdays or weddings.