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Bride for Rent is a movie about marriage. It is another blockbuster hit from Kim Chiu and Xian Lim. Congratulations to them for portraying the role with justice. I may not be a fan of Kim Chiu but she really made me laugh by playing the role of Rockylita a.k.a Rocky. She is playing a wanna be artist who landed the role of being the Bride of Rocco, played by Xian Lim. On the other hand, Rocco is a tall, handsome but a little brat and bossy guy in the movie. He party party and end up having a huge loan for about 10million, when betting all of the money to the game of poker. To pay up all the loans, he will receive his trust funds from his Lala, played by Pilita Corales, but he needs to be married first. This is why they thought of the idea of hiring an actress to portray as the wife of Rocco and it is Rocky. Yey! Then, the story begins. Watch it!

It is a feel good movie. Instead of movies about mistresses or infidelity, they should show more movies like this one such as true love and marriage. In the real world, only few people believe in love but if people in the movie industry will show that love still exist I think the world will be a better place. Anyways, back to the movie. It is funny with drama on the side. Go Xian Lim for crying and emoting! You are my new celebrity crush next to John Lloyd Cruz. I love your chiseled face! Hihihi Overall, the movie doesn’t have a dull moment. I will rate it 4.5 out of 5 stars! Good Job!

Watch the full trailer of Bride for Rent:

Who doesn't like Bell de Jour Planner? Well, I think all bellas like it, especially me. I have been using BDJ planner since I am in college. Now, I am working in the corporate world. Then, I gave my sister a chance to experience it too. Do you want to know the reason why our lovely bellas like it, not just like.. why we LOVE this planner? Because . . .

Here's my reason:
It has everything I need to succeed in this challenging world.
It is very inspirational.
It has tips for everything such as fashion, financial and etc.
♡ Very girly like me
♡ Discount card and coupons
Do you want to know what's inside the most powerful planner? I will give you a tour.

First page, it is already inspiring. Right? It should the words to live by to all Bellas out there for 2014.
Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.
-Harriet Tubman
My blog idea - perfect for blogger's out there like moi.

Dream board - doodle all the things you want to achieve today or the near future.

Goals - well, anything you want to happen for 2014 BDJ planner will help you with it

Coupon tracker - Use all those coupons for discounts and freebies. Gow!

2014 BDJ Checklist - list for challenges for this year

Share happiness - Write down the things you appreciate and grateful to or any happy thoughts

Events Tracker - You can list down all the birthdays, meetings or any special occassion

Menstrual Tracker - Girls can now analyze the behavior of their hormones (left side) and track their menstrual period from and to and if it is heavy, light or normal (right side)

Time to be healthy with "My Health Plan". There is nothing wrong to be healthy as early as now. For long life, Bellas!

Want to write some ideas or compose a poem or just draw? Share it in Random Thought!

This will be the look for day to day planning.

You also have gift tracker, very useful during Christmas.

Bill Tracker (Left Side) and Cash Flow Tracker (Right side) - To help us budget our income.

Inclusive of Belle De Jour Lifestyle Card, coupon holder and cute tiny stickers to put on your planner.

What do you think guys? Time to buy your own Belle de Jour Planner! By the way, I want to thank Belle de Jour for sending this for free. OMGEE! I just can't contain my happiness when I received it. Well, proof that I love their planner for very beginning. Check out my post about BDJ last year. CLICK HERE!

For more information, visit BDJ Social Media sites:

If love is like riding a bicycle, then the first few tries must’ve hurt quite a bit. Just like Ramon Bautista of hit web-series Tales from the Friend Zone Zero, maybe you have gone through your share of heartbreaks that made you say “’di na ako naniniwala sa pag-ibig.

 (Welling up with feelings but missed the melo-dramatic launch of #TFTFZero? You can watch the complete series here: WARNING: masyadong maraming feelings sa TFTFZero)

 But don’t lose hope, there’s more to life when you move on. Tama na ang semplang, magmove-on ka na lang. #AyosMagMoveOn

Take it from broken hearted Spanky Rigor-Mortiz (Ramon Bautista) who sold a pre-loved tandem bike on to move on from the kilig moments he shared with Zooey de Leon (Nikki Veron Cruz), the girl who broke his heart; now you can Post Share Move On from the pain too! Every time you do, you get the chance to win Instax Mini cameras, to create better memories with; limited edition #TFTFZero shirts and exclusive advice from Ramon Bautista, so you won’t be friend zoned next time you try it again with love.

To join,

1. Post an ad selling an item that reminds you of a feeling, person, or moment in life that you want to move on from: a gift from your ex (para sa mga heartbroken), your old K-Pop collection (kasi professional ka na), a friendship bracelet (more than friends na kayo), and more.

For any type of moving on in life, you can let go of the pre-loved on! (For more examples, go here:

2. Share your ad on Facebook and Twitter. Use #AyosMagMoveOn when you do. The more you share your ad, and the more your friends click on your ad, the more chances of winning.

3. Win Instax Mini cameras, #TFTFZero shirts and a Ramon Bautista love tip every week from January 9 to February 7, 2013. Five winners will be announced every week!

And what’s more, at the end of the promo, the most viewed ad will win the featured Tandem Bike from the web-series, Tales from the Friend Zone!
I love wearing dresses especially the dress that can me look stylish and chic. The key to have a simple outfit yet people turn heads because they notice your presence is the right match of accessories and confidence. Take a look of what I found on, some nice pieces that can make your chic dress into something unique.

Chic Dress from ModCloth

Bea Dot beaded dress, 5,590 PHP / Long sleeve shirt, 2,905 PHP / Sugarhill Boutique flat shoes, 1,475 PHP / Crossbody purse, 2,460 PHP / Dittos wrap bracelet, 1,340 PHP / Laurèl gold jewelry, 445 PHP / Crochet ring, 535 PHP / Pearl earrings, 490 PHP

If I wore this outfit I would be on a date or maybe somewhere I can feel the breeze and the nature at the same time.

It's a good day!

Bea Dot rainbow dress, 5,590 PHP / Mel by Melissa navy flat shoes, 1,920 PHP / Bright colored purse, 1,835 PHP / Olivia Burton watch, 3,755 PHP / Knot bracelet, 580 PHP / Yellow gold earrings, 355 PHP / Band ring, 580 PHP / Wool hat, 1,565 PHP

While this outfit, I could imagine myself wearing this somewhere in London. Well, maybe because of the hat. I feel I am exploring new places and having a good time.
Spring/Summer is always the right time to look for the trends, because you know most of the styles are going to be around for a few months. Also, after the dark theme of the fall and winter, the summers make way for fresh colours and designs. If you are looking for Spring/Summer 2014 trends, here’s a list of the top picks.

1. Go metallic: While this is not something you haven’t seen before, metallic looks work because the colours are not staples for the summers and spring. The best thing about the current looks is the choice of patterns, which is not restricted to one colour but moves ahead to many shades and even the rainbow hues. There are skirts, dresses and accessories to choose from.

2. Go mesh style: If you are someone who dares to bare, get a good camisole and top it with a transparent or mesh outfit. The more you explore in the designs, the better, but this is one of the best trendy designs for the upcoming season. Black and white are great choices for that more stylish look, but given the fact that pastels are hot options, you can try them as well.

3. Go pastel with the palette: Floral for spring and summer is something we are always used to, which is why the choice of pastel colour as the spring essential is a good welcome change. Seen at most of the designers, the colours are versatile, starting from the beautiful rose and lavender shades to more cool shades of yellow and blue. Pick the single colours or opt for patterns- the choices are varied as ever.

4. Go the crop style: The Crop Tops are one of the hottest properties for spring this year. Spotted in DKNY Spring 2014 Ready-to-Wear Collection among others, the looks are different and stylish by all means. Of course, you need to get in shape for trying the style, but this is totally worth the time you spend at the gym. The black and white combination was something that was seen in most fashion weeks, but if you love the pastel clothes online and on the runways- choose them too!

5. Go white: Just mentioned that black and white have been among the trending colours of the season, but the statement white blouses seemed to be a total hit. Lovely designs and simply cool enough for casual and formal look, this is one look that can be experimented with. While some designers seemed to love the look with embellishments, there were others who styled their models with shirts having necktie detailing. Choose what suits you because the occasion often determines what you wear.

Happy styling for the spring and summer!

[Images Credit: and]

Author: Heidi is fashion expert with humour and style! She is known for being a guest writer for some of the most reputed online blogs and magazines and has been a keen observer of trends and styles. She is often invited for writing on the various fashion shows, where she views the trends from different aspects.

Happy 2014 everyone! Good news! We have a new giveaway from Sole Street. They are generous enough to give my lucky readers a chance to win 500php worth of GCs. Hooreyyy! Not only one but 3 lovely ladies will win some GCs. Wow! You know the drill. Wait for the rafflecopter to load and follow the instructions. Every instruction has equivalent points. It is much better to follow all the instructions in able to have more chances of winning.

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Shoes, shoes and more shoes!

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Well, I totally agree with them. By the way, they also sell digital print sweater. I totally love it!  Check out my pegs from their site:

flat shoes. 

Boots. I am so into boots lately.

Another one. Gosh! Can you help me choose?
I am so into animal prints.

BOOTS ang peg ko talaga! hehehe

If it's not boots, wedge sneakers is my other peg. 

White for purity. whehehehe

Floral Sweater. 

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Looking for an all-day-breakfast-diner around the southern part of the metro? It is time to visit Ritchie’s Diner at BF Homes, Paranaque City. They have loads of dishes to choose from their menu. The place is located along Aguirre Avenue. You can easily spot it with its striking yellow interiors and with its American-diner-vibe. Everything looks interesting as such as the chairs, the walls and paintings on the wall. They also have some flat screen tv, you can watch some tv shows or movies (depends on the channel, of course!! hihihi) while waiting for your order.

Check out the painting, the all-star Hollywood artists on the wall. It's Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, (insert name here), Johnny Depp and (insert name here). Sorry, I can't recognize the two actors. Comment their names, if you know it. hihi

Find ME. hehehe

I think this is a pork chop or a breaded chicken. It's my beau's order. I forgot to ask him what's the name of his order. churi.

My order. Beef Tapa with fried rice and 2 eggs. Yummy.

For the food, I can say their beef tapa would be one of the best tapas I have ever tasted. The serving was every generous. You will surely go home with the full stomach. This was not my first time to visit this place just my first time to write a review. Hehehe I ordered different kind of dishes from this diner and they never disappointed me so far. I always go home with a happy and a full tummy.

For more information:

Name:  Ritchie's Diner
Address: 303 Aguirre Avenue, Phase 3, BF Homes Paranaque , 1701 Parañaque
Tel. No.:  (02) 748 8733 
Store time: 7:00 am - 12:00 am