Surprise!!! I have a ‘Mean Girls’ theme bridal shower with my lovely friends last December 2016. Thank you so much! I am not expecting it on that day because my mom and my sister just told me to come with them to go to the mall and meet someone. I want to buy something for the wedding that day too so I was tagged along. It came to a point I don’t want to go with them because of my laziness. Hahaha

The traffic in Makati was horrible that it took us 2 hours from skyway ramp to the hotel. We were supposed to go to Landmark but due to the intense traffic. We headed straight to the hotel which they told me that my sister will meet someone for her package from her godparents. I said, “I will just wait in the car”. Hahaha My mom replied with, “Sumama ka na baka marape ka dyan!”. While my sister added, “Sige ka, wala kang dinner dto.” Okay, I was convinced with the dinner. Hahaha In life, I am easily deceived by food. (Takaw lang, takot magutom ganern hahaha) Funny thing, when we were on our way to the parking lot at the 3rd floor. The guard was very strict. He keeps on asking about whom to visit. Then, I heard the whole name of my friend. I tried not to laugh and spoil their surprise. I ignored my thoughts and stop assuming things. When, we were on the 18th floor. Before we knock, I heard girls giggling. Then, they opened the door tadaaaa! My sweet friends were all there and throwing confetti’s at me.

They gave a burn book just like in the movie. A burn book with all our photos and message from them.

Cupcakes with the famous lines from the movie. Boo you whore!

Thank you all for the decorations. A for effort! Special thanks to Ate Anna too for helping them!

Waiting for me hahaha

My sash and my crown and the burn book

Kathy, Juvy and Cy

The Set up

The Gang

I changed my clothes. My sister brought be a pink blouse. Because on Mean Girls, we wear pink on Wednesday! hahaha

Dinner Time Finally

Mom, me and sis - they went home after eating our dinner

The game starts - Eggplant relay

Another eggplant game, hilig nila sa talong :))


The last game - it is a group game, contestant should answers questions about me. Losers take a shot. hahaha

My pretty teammates

Queen B and her army of skanks

Group photo

I am so happy with my bridal shower because it is wholesome and we were just laughing our asses out. haha Thank God, they did not hire a stripper, not fan either. To my friends, thank you so much for you effort. Love you all! Organize ko bridal shower nyo with stripper. hahahah 

Hope you enjoy!!! What other theme do you suggest for a bridal shower? Comment below! 

Summer is near yet so far. However, here in our country we experience summer almost 50% of the year. Every corner of the Philippines has a wonderful islands screaming and beaming summer. My problem is I can only wear one piece swimwear because I am shy and not that confident to expose my perfect AB (hahaha isa lang kasi kaya without S). I don’t have a skinny physique. To those people, who have the same dilemma as me, I suggest wearing one piece would hide the unwanted areas and will show the curves.

Here are my choices from StyleWe :

White Plain Spandex One-Pieces

Black Cut-outs Straped Bandage One-Piece

Black Halter Padded Color-block One-Piece

 Black Padded Ruched One-Piece
Blue Halter Padded Ruched One-Piece

I also want to share the link of   Fabulous women Style. Very inspiring people who really loves fashion. Please check them out. :) 

After 10 years in the making, ‘Saving Sally’ hits the theater last Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2016. It was something different from Filipino Films. The story started when Sally (Rhian Ramos) and Marty (Enzo Marcos) met at the school and became best of friends. Sally is an inventor, who helped Marty to avenge the Bully. They became inseparable after the incident. Marty is secret inlove with Sally. He drew her and paste in on his wall but he covers it when Sally is around. The story revolves on how Marty is so ‘Torpe’. Hahaha The problem starts when Sally met another guy and her adopted parents were so strict. Imagine the love of Marty for Sally is unconditional. He can sacrifice his feelings just for Sally’s happiness. 

The Verdict: 

Saving Sally was one of the movies I am looking forward to watch. I first read it on Saab Magalona’s blog (Yes! I am an avid fan of her. *fan girling*) I love supporting Filipino movies. This is one unique idea from a brilliant mind. As you all know, this kind of movies especially the animated ones, those are rare in our country. The soundtracks are so superb. The animations and artistic background is so witty if you read and observed every detail. If you love art, this is a moving art as I may say. Moreover, Rhian Ramos is a good actor. She brings emotion to the movie. Unfortunately, I think Enzo Marcos lacks some feelings towards Sally. He sounds neutral most of the time. I prefer they used Tagalog as the language of the movie. I think it would be wittier if they used our language. The storyline was ordinary. The usual love story, it is predictable. However, the effort they gave to this movie was excellent. Kudos to everyone part of the movie. 

 I will rate this movie with 
 3.5 stars out of 5 stars

When it comes to beauty product, I am a late bloomer. haha Now, I am starting to explore what products are good for my hair, for my skin or anything that could make me look forever twenty one. hahaha How about you? Do you love beauty products like me? Well, I discovered a new site that could make any beauty addicts to go cray cray once they have visited this site. It is called

I ordered my first haul from the site and it never disappoints. I ordered the products when I was somewhere far. I am not sure, if it is before my wedding. It arrived right away during my stay in Boracay. wooot! 

 The front of the package

 The back of the package

The list of the products

Beachborn Sea Salt Spray -  Adds volume to your natural length; texturizes hair for perfect waves; helps keeps curls longer; may be used as a dry shampoo to refresh hair on-the-go

Smell Chic Hand Sanitizer - Keep your hands hygienic the stylish way with this blend of deionized water, phenoxy ethanol citric acid, and various fragrances.

Lavender Candle (2oz/60ml) - A lavender bouquet enhanced with clary sage, patchouli, and rosemary

Orange and Vanilla Dry Shampoo - Get gorgeously bouncy, sweet-smelling and healthy-looking hair in an instant. Perfect for days when you’re always on-the-go, Made by David Organics’ super convenient Orange and Vanilla Dry Shampoo absorbs excess oil and grease, increases volume and adds lustrous shine… fast.

Anti-Eying - Helps reduce lines and crow’s feet; handy ball tip stimulates circulation and combats puffiness; minimizes the appearance of dark circles; smoothens skin and restores a soft, youthful tone to the delicate eye area; formulated with hydrogel, lipowax cream, panthenol, placenta, cucumber extract, vitamin E, gingerol, and arbutin

Velcro - Keeps your bangs and baby hairs out of your face; won’t bend hair strands, so they stay smooth and easy to style; nylon material is compact, lightweight, and handy to carry around

Lip Scrub - Gentle beads slough away dry flakes for daily exfoliation; scrub formula nourishes, moisturizes, and conditions lips; enables better adherence of lip color; leaves lips smooth, youthful, and refreshed

That's the end of my haul. I will make the a separate blog post for the review of each product. Stay tuned! I hope you enjoyed my haul. If you want to buy those products, visit for more amazing products.

Invitations are important. It has all the details of the ceremony and the reception. My wedding coordinator suggested to give the invitations a month before so people will have more time to prepare and take a time to file a leave just in case it is a work day for the attendees. 

When I was looking for a vendor for our invitations, I was searching rigidly in google, instagram and other various sites. I was hesitant at first to trust people online. Then, I messaged and sent inquiries to different vendors. I also searched for reviews or just in case it might be a scam. They responded and the affordable price won the deal. And the winner is... SUREPRINTS! I decided to choose them as a vendor because they have affordable sets of invitations and wonderful design. I have no any regrets.

The Verdict:

Sureprints is owned by Krystle Ann Co. At first, she was not responding in my messages. So I was close enough to find another vendor. I gave myself a deadline, if she did not reply during that time. I will find a new one, lucky she replied and she asked me with details of the invitations. She gave me the price and told me she will able to assist me next week. I updated her after a week, I gave her my pegs for my invitation. After a few hours, she replied with a layout. It was fast. Layout is free. Unlike other vendors, corrections are limited and it has extra charges. 

After few days of constant conversation in viber, my invitation is done. Yay! She is easy to instruct even with some special details to add in some of my invitations because of the requests of different family members. I am so sorry. I have no major problems with her. The only thing I have a hard time is contacting her when I have questions or ideas, I want to add in my invitation. Some of the time, she was not replying immediately. The usual time she replies was around 11am to 2pm or midnight. To be sure, I also sent her emails. (Sorry, kulit ko) Hahaha She will reply with my suggestions and ta-da! edited versions sent. She works fast. She also find ways to save few bucks in short she suggest the best ways to save. (Unlike other people, nanaga ng price) The essential thing is I love the design of my wedding invitations. Simple yet elegant. 😄

I will rate her service as... 
4.5 stars our of 5 stars

For more details, visit Sureprints on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.