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Thursday, October 01, 2009

A random thought of last year, it was October 30, 2008, I can not remember the reasons why I had this from my cellphone. I actually put my thoughts around 4:37:24 am. Too early or too late to feel those emotions. Let me share this to you:

Missing someone important in your life is hard.
You will always wait for his presence, his voice,
his text message or even just the smell of his
fragrance. You are waiting for the reason, you
want him in your life. You want him to seat here
besides you. You want him to brighten up your day.
You want him to share his life with you. On the
contrary, what did you get? Nothing. So you
suddenly stop missing that person until the time
comes you already forget he exist. The bliss
starts to disappear. The thought of him change.
The feelings eventually fade. One day, he will
come back, too bad you don't care anymore.

Currently doing: waiting.
Currently on the mood for: Volunteering. :)
Currently looking: at my cellphone.

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