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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Meeting new people is very challenging and exciting. They might stay forever in your life or be gone in just seconds. People will keep entering in your life whether you like it or not. You don't have a choice but to accept them with open arms. Be ready in all possibilities.

What will I do if I met a person? I can't stop talking about him. I keep searching him in facebook without any common friends, without knowing his last name and without any idea of his face after all. Weird. I thought I won't find him. Fortunately, with my skills in searching I found his profile and have the courage to add him.

I was talking to my bestfriend. We both can't stop talking about him. The more we talk, the more we want to know him. Taking a chance, I googled him. I never thought there will be results. I learned more about him. I became his instant "admirer-slash-stalker" because of the information I've got.

If you have the change to met a guy, who is...
-talented in singing(proof: YouTube)
-taking up the same course as u do.
-active in school activities(proof: student leader)
-adventurous(proof: other org he's in)
-nice teeth & smile
-taller than you
-have a good educational background(proof: enrolled in a good university)
-God fearing(assuming lang kase may pictures sila nun holy week sa isang holy place)haha

Those characteristics are superb! It turned out to be the kind of guy, I will fall in love with. I realized something, what if God is letting me have a glimpse with my first and last love. OMG! more Kilig. I will wait for it. To realized it, I have a good imagination, right? kapalan lang ng peys. Daydream. daydream. Gutom? pwede din. :)) He's too busy pa daw kaya God always protects me from harmful raise of human beings that can cause hatred and confusion into my life. A better reason why I honor and trust God's plan. I want it happen, than to what I want and to what isn't for me. Just being a good friend for him will be alright for me. CHANCE. please. Come what may till the END.

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