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Thursday, October 22, 2009

My last blog,I was carried away by my emotions. Sorry. Scratched all those things I've said. I feel much better now because I ready for intership next week. I know right. God has it's own time. I became too impatient lately. Due to pressure.

Anyways, I have a new topic for today. My love for photography. I love taking pictures of random things, people and events in my life. I'm not just taking pictures, I'm taking a shot of what my life is. "Craziness&Fun". I am an ordinary girl but I want an extraordinary life. I'm starting to live my life according to what I want with my camera (of course!). Before, I hate to be seen in some pictures. Life change. I just suddenly started to like be in the pictures. Taking pictures with some angle. It amused me how beautiful world can be. The sky, mother nature, almost everything on it. I appreciated more the goodness of God, how He created the world. So vast and alive, with mysteries and astonishing figures on it. A simple device, changes my outlook in life. After the graduation, I want to take up some photography lessons. Buy my own DLSR. Someday, If I have a chance, start my own photography studio. It gives me reason to live, everytime I'm doing what I really enjoy.

*sky@mall of asia* *me, holding donelle's dlsr*

*malou as my model* *clouds@SLEX*


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  1. what camera did you use for these shots? anyhoo, it's not the camera--it's the cameraman. it's not the equipment,it's how you make full use of that equipment. it's all about the right angle and timing. :)

  2. thanks. hehe i just used my digicam. :)


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