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Loser me!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hey! I'm back. After twenty days of busy-ness, I'm here to let it out. Feelings, thoughts and mindless opinions of mine.

I wanna cry! Then, scream with all my might. So I could caught the attention of everyone. I'm sad and happy. Sad because I don't still have an assurance for my intership. I felt I am a major loser! Companies doesn't want me. *boo-hu-hu-huuu* I have four interviews then what did I get?? huh? Nothing. My self-esteem was crashed. Big time! Awhile ago, I'm crying. Yes! I know right? Me crying? for the love of gad, Gez! I can't help it. I'm also human. I'm ashamed, everytime I go to school with a formal attire and people keep asking, "where are you going?" For the nth time, I'll answer, "Interview". *Bullshit!* (baka sabihin nila, interview na naman, anak ng!) It feels unfair everytime I think of my other classmates. Unfair for the reason that our chairperson was responsible in finding their company. How about me? Why can't I feel that she is helping us? I know she is busy. I am irritated. hahaha I'm not fully enjoying this sembreak, if I still have some worries about the effin OJT. As the quote said, "Desperate time comes to desperate measure." It's true. I email-ed some companies, who can accept me for intership, I'm praying with all my heart so they will response in my emails. Please pray for me. People all over the world! Pray for me. Thank you. :) Our ojt will be starting next week, what will I do. Can anyone hire me?? Please. I'll kneel and beg in front of you. Just hire me as your trainee. Is that too desperate? Told yah. I'm in desperate times.

Anyways, I'm happy because its just in my nature to be happy and to be alive and to be kicking all the time. Even though, I have a little problems in the way. Thinking positive, that's me! Party everyday. Party eveyday. This week's gonna be a good week. Right?! Tell me I'm right. So I could shut up and have a peace of mind.

That's all. THE END! :)

Currently feeling: desperate and uneasy
Currently doing: uploading again the album people can't view
Currently on mind: "Do something with NOTHING"

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