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240 hours

Thursday, December 17, 2009

*byebye-Makati. my last walk in the walkway for 2009*

Today is the last day of our OJT. Gastos. yeah! We treated them during snack time with Spaghetti, Pansit malabon and cake. I was excited to complete the 240 hours for our OJT. I felt too much boredom. But the people in our work place felt sad because they told us, they will miss our noise and laughter. =( I did not expect that. I will miss them too. Especially the PBcom tower, the Patio, and the walk way, where I often walk alone by myself. I'll miss Makati, the busy streets of Makati, the people walking in the morning, the bus stop and the malls. I will be again a Manila Girl but surely I will be much happier now because I am with my insane friends. It will flood tears of laughter again. Everyday happy. I know. Party everyday. =D

*eating. certificate with the bosses. patio-canteen*

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