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One Last Song

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Almost every day or every night I play the song, "One Last Song" by A1(the boy-band back in the 90's, if you remember.) I feel a momentary bliss when I hear that song. It always touches my kilig bones. hahaha I confess I was a die-hard-fan of A1 back in my elementary days. I bought tapes, posters of them and also laminated their pictures and brought it often in my school. Yikkkess! haha

But now, I just love this song. I'm not sure if I can relate. All I know this song is something I can't explain why get kilig. =) I was in our office (OJT mode) when I suddenly heard a melody, a familiar one, I can not distinguish where it was coming from that time. The next day, I heard it again. It was the time I bear in my mind to find the song. "I must find that song."-I kept reminding myself. I downloaded it. Played it all over again until my ears bleed. I'm so addicted to it.

PLAY IT! to listen to the song.

I can't stop daydreaming, I imagine I'm slow dancing under the moonlight with someone while he sing this song. hahaha =))

"And if you need me, you’d kiss me
Then tell me how you feel
And if you want me, you’d show me
That your love is for real
And if you love me
You’d hold me in your arms where I belong..."

-fave line-

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