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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

25 days to go and it's Christmas! Time to give and share the love to others.

I have the List of my Top Ten Must have/ happen this Christmas.

1.) lovelife?haha joke. MONEY! I need more money. :))
2.) Get Together with long lost friends.
3.) Fashionable clothes and shoes!
4.) Notebook! Hardbound with no lines. (@powerbooks!)
5.) Books to READ. especially Twilight Saga.
6.) New bag!
7.) Bracelet with super noisy bells. hahaha
8.) Someone to talk to, especially in the days where I feel miserable. (I'll consider u as a gift from GOD. Just talking or listening to me will make me feel special)
9.) Courage to face the challenges in LIFE. Stop worrying with non-sense!
10.) Ticket to a concert. :))

BUT most of all, I want you for Christmas! hahaha

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