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A Cheezy Saturday

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Well, today? I just bummed around in our house. The coffee time with friends were postponed due their own appointment. Unfortunately, I don't have any back-up plan. After lunch, my mom went to her friend's house while my sister has a ballet class every Saturday. So I end up at home alone, not really alone but I'm like alone. Whatever. Moreover, I decided to watched "The Vampire Diaries". Will you believe that I spent my 6 whole hours just watching some parts of "The Vampire Diaries" (Season 1)? You should. 

So cheezy, I just can't bite it. hahaha

When the time, I suddenly felt hunger. I rush to our kitchen cabinet to find something to eat. Then, I found the Cheezy Mac & Cheese. It's ready to cook. I'd microwave it. Ta-daaa! Time to eat. My first bite was awesome. On the other hand, the second spoonful of Cheezy Mac & Cheese, was not-so-like-the-first-one. Eew! I realize if I throw them away, I will waste a lot of food. I think and think. What's wrong with this food? Hmmm.. It lack something. *light bulb appeared*.. BACON!!! I cooked BACON! hahaha Success! I finished all of the food. Now, I won't feel guilty anymore. :) 

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