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Free Taste of Life

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I woke up around 5am because I am going to jog with my two friends at The Fort. I am not used to exercise for a long period of time. Seriously, I had a hard time breathing. Geezz. I think, I'm really overweight. I felt I'm obese person running around High Street. Weak! I'm such a weakling. I need to trim those cellulite in my effin fatso body, that's why I decided to come with them to jog. I'm thankful I have someone like them, very supportive. Note to myself: Start to have healthy life and exercise more.

After the jogging event, my favorite part of this day, when we went to Mercato. It's like I've signed for the wrong program, because we ate. Is it weight gain program? haha Anyways, I have enjoyed eating. It's a passion. Especially, the free taste. Who would not resist to take a little taste of everything? 

Salad? -- Yemmy! =)

Simple Pia. It taste good.

Elmo's food -- Salad and Pie

My food -- Tapa (Angus Beef) with fried egg and rice.

Yummy food! I love to eat. Besides, it's morning and breakfast time. I have a free pass to eat like a king. hohoho I enjoyed jogging, eating and catching up with my friends (Kathleen and Elmo). We should do this more often. Healthy lifestyle! =)

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