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Pasinaya '11

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pasinaya 2011 is a CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines) open house festival, where it was open for public last February 6,2011. Many talented Filipinos showcase their brilliant performance here. One of them is my sister. Damn! I'm proud of it. haha Every year or every other year the ballet school of my sister were always invited to dance ballet. Yes! she's into classical music and I am not. 
the entrance to bulwagan something (sorry forgot the name of the room). hehehe
shoot me now.

It started around 4 o'clock to 5 o'clock in the afternoon. It is just a short performance from them. Compare to the other shows I have been. gad.. It was long. hahaha Thank God! We were not late. I thought we won't be able to watched their performance because of slight misunderstanding and difficulties. Then again, thanks to one of the mommies, who talked with the people handling the venue. They let us entered without any tickets. Cool right!?! =)

 During the show:
the nutcracker
my sister
On our way to the parking lot:

with the ticket

look! my hand it's there. :))

 After the show, we went to the mall of asia to eat dinner and to bought some stuff. Then, we went home. Well, on June my sister will have another recital on CCP. I think they haven't decided yet if its "hanzel or gretel" or "sugar plum princess". I'll upate you soon. =)

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